The buck stops at Koroma’s desk

21 September 2007 at 06:08 | 552 views

By Abayomi Roberts, General Editor.

I agree with and support HE President Ernest Koroma to actually let outgoing ministers work and sort out their respective outings.In the US for example, it takes about two full months to change an administration; from early November to mid-January.

I cannot imagine anybody attacking SLPP ministers and supporters. We are all Sierra Leoneans and disagreements should not make us enemies. Their loss is enough for them to cope with - in peace. Sierra Leone is such a small nation, most of us are related somehow, especially by inter-marriage, schooling, etc. Besides, differing views is what democracy is all about. As for SLPP as a party and former government, now is the time to go back to the drawing board and find out where the party/government went wrong.

For now, APC/PMDC is in charge. The ballot box says so. Let us allow the new President to do what he thinks is best for the nation. Let him consider, pray and meditate as he chooses his team. That is why he was voted in. One person has to make the FINAL decision; like it or not. Besides not all of his decisions will please everybody. The earlier we come to terms with this reality, the better.

The buck stops at President Ernest Koroma’s desk. While everybody else can pass the buck or blame somebody else,he cannot. That alone is enough for us to let him do his job as he deems best. That way we know who to blame or praise after the term ends.

There is only one appeal I have for now, Mr. President. Please ensure better care of the weak; especially children, the disabled and the aged. See how your government can make life easier for pensioners and retirees who have dutifully served the nation for years and years. They are invariably too frail to fight or fend in a dog-eat-dog set up. There also the many amputees who need special consideration. We need to have a data base on all of them; so that if and whenever help comes from outside, they will actually benefit as the most vulnerable.

We have all seen how a woman, Christiana Thorpe, ran the elections. The new government should work with the UN and local civic groups to empower women. They too can deliver, given the tool. Only, do not bring Dr. ChristianaThorpe into the APC/PMDC fold. Let her decide what she wants to do next. Then help her pursue her dream(s); she deserves a treat, after all the heat she bore in the spirit of democracy and as a tried and tested patriot. For example, she may really want to start her own school, rather be an ambassador. So, ask her; do not suggest any project to her.

May God Bless Sierra Leone.