The baboon is always uneasy when ugliness is mentioned

5 November 2008 at 01:57 | 1023 views

By Tony Bee, Sydney, Australia.

What is currently taking place in Sierra Leone between the ruling APC and the opposition SLPP and some of their supporters is a complete drama.

This is in connection with the recent announcement made by President Ernest Bai Koroma for the setting up of a Commission of Inquiry to look into the activities of the past SLPP government.

This drama can be likened to what we call in our local Krio language “ Den say monkey worwor, babu bos cry”. Crudely translated, it means that the baboon is always uneasy when ugliness is mentioned.

Another saying in Krio closer to the previously mentioned one is: “Yu nor go smell yu hand if yu nor play wit sontin.” This simply means that nothing happens for nothing.

The illustrations above are a symbol of the situation between the ruling APC party leader and the SLPP opposition members and a cross-section of the Sierra Leone community who are crying foul simply because President Koroma has announced the setting up of a Commission of Inquiry to look into the stewardship of former President Kabbah and his SLPP government.

What baffles me in the whole issue is the opposition party’s description of the commission as a “witch-hunt”. Why are they becoming suddenly so worried? Is it their own shadow that is enclosing them? The Bible says thy work shall follow you. This simply means that good or bad will be rewarded according to what you do.

If Tejan Kabbah and his past SLPP government or his social club are confident that they did good work in the interest of the people of Sierra Leone rather than for themselves, why should they be worried about a Commission of Inquiry and call it a political witch-hunt at this initial stage? Is it one of their usual tricks to brain-wash our illiterate people into thinking that they are being victimized by the government?

It is quite clear that some of the evidence of the SLPP’s good and bad work in the country are common knowledge to people both at home and abroad, especially the donor community; that evidence is also in the lyrics of the country’s musicians, particularly Emmerson’s “Borbor Bele” and the music of others.

May I please gently remind the SLPP that Sierra Leoneans are no longer to be fooled by corrupt, selfish and unpatriotic propaganda, be it by the APC or SLPP or other political parties. Sierra Leoneans now have the power to say yes or no to any politician that is not working in their interest. So the use of false propaganda to gain political sympathy at the expense of the hard-earned peace, unity and development of the country should stop at once. That type of politics is gone and buried in the 17th century. Our country people in this millennium are paying politicians according to how much they do for the interest of the country.

So any politician or party supporter who thinks he or she can use tribalism or other means to divide the people of Sierra Leone and promote hatred among them, instead of doing good work, will always lose elections and will pay for his actions. The SLPP, who took Sierra Leoneans for granted, are now licking their wounds from the punishment they received in the last elections.

Our people have suffered a lot because of wicked and corrupt politicians, especially during the 11 years of a senseless war brought about by the very greedy, selfish, corrupt and power-hungry unpatriotic politicians and their so-called senior civil servants. No one will fool them again at their own detriment. Therefore, good work in the country is the only way to ascend to the seat of power in this 21st century.

It bothers me to think about the double standards of some politicians and civil servants who, very recently, asked for the setting up of a commission on the SLPP, and have now turned around to question the very commission they asked to be set up. They are presently lambasting the APC for a good intention. How so soon they have forgotten that they were the very people who, out of frustration over losing the elections, called for the trial of former President Kabbah by the UN war crimes court for an alleged crime against humanity during the brutal war in Sierra Leone. They have quickly forgotten all President Kabbah did for the SLPP party before and during the election in order to bring the party back to power.

Sierra Leoneans will now begin to understand who is fooling who. We will keep on reminding dirty-minded politicians in the country about their dirty politics, which is destroying the country’s progress and development. May Good Almighty save SALONE.