The abuse of Africans must stop now!

1 November 2007 at 23:59 | 708 views

By Ahmed Ojullah Bangura, UK.

The recent ‘child kidnapping’ incident in Chad reminds me of the unfortunate demonising our beloved continent faces in the minds of Europeans. This malaise has been practised as a tradition by Europeans that Africans are just ‘specimens’ in an African Laboratory. Apparently, it is evident from related events that Africans are the most vulnerable humans in the world despite the prevalence of the UN Charter on human rights.

There is no justification for the way those innocent and infant Chadians were captured for any form of humanitarian assistance without political and legal rights from the government of Chad. A deliberate attempt to disregard the authorities and the right of Africans contrary to the way children in Europe are adopted signifies the trend Africa has gone through for many years.

Centuries ago, Africans were captured live by Europeans such as John Hopkins from England and sold as slaves to develop Europe. Thereafter, there was the scramble and partition of Africa among Europeans that left the legacy of disunity among Africans in so called Anglophone and Francophone countries.

Despite ‘independence’ from European countries, Africa was subjected to a devastating era of political and economic exploitation. Alas, we are experiencing Neo-Slavery from the descendants of the ancestors who captured our fore-fathers and made them slaves.

There are many similar instances to demonstrate the ‘lesser human’ theory of so called philanthropists from Europe in particular and the West in general.

In Sierra Leone, an Australian working for the UN-SL Special Court was accused of sexually abusing a teenage girl under the pretence of offering assistance to her. But due to a feeble political will and lack of respect for her citizenry, the government of Sierra Leone succumbed to outside pressure and dropped the case.

In another scenario, a shipload of toxic waste from France was disposed of in Ivory Coast. This act, aided by enemies of the black race left many Ivorians dead and sick. None of these actions are allowed to befall even a rat in Europe. Why are they done in Africa?

As Newton’s third law of motion states that ‘to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction’, the cumulative actions of abuse by European individuals on Africans in any part of the world will have equal responses and MUST STOP NOW.