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Texas: Rousing welcome for Nanette Thomas

By  | 19 August 2011 at 05:48 | 671 views


It was good and heartening to witness friends and relatives in Texas as they welcome back, Ms. Nanette Thomas, who served fearlessly as Dallas’ APC Chapter President during the past years prior to her recent appointment as National Coordinator, Attitudinal and Behavioral Change under the Ernest Koroma regime.

As she disembarked on board United Airways, casually but brightly outfitted in jeans, red shirt and head decked in a sparkling red hat, her broad smirks could lit the airport lounge where well-wishers have been stationed for almost an hour to greet her. The group waiting for her went wild with well-intentioned hugs and hearty congratulatory messages when Ms. Nanette Thomas finally made her way past security check points.

Present to welcome Ms. Nanette Thomas were Pastor Florence Kroma, Mr. Mambu Koroma, Dallas’ APC Vice-President, Mr. Amadu Jalloh, Mr. Alfred Sesay, Mr. E.T. Kamara, Mr. Patrick Walsh, Mr. Sanpha Sesay and the ever-graceful gentleman, Mr. Solomon Pieh, former SLPP Dallas Chapter President. Mr. Solomon Pieh’s attendance to welcome Ms. Nanette Thomas was a show of class act which did not only show why he is such a likeable man in the community but reflected his deeper Christ-like understanding of politics - that even though there might be a difference in our political orientations and affiliations, yet such divergence should not denote hate. Scores of other community leaders in Dallas stormed the home of Ms. Nanette Thomas to welcome her as well.

Gauging the way, the APC-Dallas Chapter’s iron lady has been selfless and relentless in her unparalleled drive towards elevating the APC Chapter in Dallas as well as her involvements in other benevolent related undertakings within and outside of the Sierra Leone community in Texas, it is all the more impressive when you realize that her gutsy dedication to service did not go down unnoticed. Today, she now joins a formidable team representing the President’s heart for Attitudinal and Behavioral Change in Sierra Leone.

The moral bankruptcy of our society is well-documented and despondently at an all-time high. Our society is deteriorating, and Bible-believing Christians and our Muslim brothers and sisters are ill-prepared to face that deterioration. In the present open economy, where the world is a global village, competition is fierce; we all accept the fact that there is a definite need for change in the attitudes of individuals at all levels in the nation.

The Dallas community strongly believes that the appointment of an icon of hard work and commitment such as Ms. Nanette Thomas, will in no small way help to meet some of the challenges holding back our nation, and will encourage positive attitudes and behaviors once again in our beloved nation. Once again, Welcome Ms. Nanette Thomas and congratulation!