From the Editor’s Keyboard

Modern technology and the prospects for jobs and general development in Sierra Leone

21 March 2018 at 02:49 | 2542 views


By Aly Fayia Kamara, Guest Writer, Edmonton, Canada

I am attending a conference organized by the federal government talking about future employment outlook in Canada especially Western Provinces.

Some of the current jobs are going to be wiped out because of technology advancement and what we can do retrain people for the next technological revolution. But the only thing I keep thinking about over and over again is Sierra Leone. Countries have already started talking about future employment prospects and opportunities for their citizens while in Sierra Leone we are still waiting to have computers in the classroom. I could not stop thinking about my country and where we are heading as a country.

Putting all politics aside, we need to ask ourselves the most basic question, where are we heading as a country and what does the future looks like for brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone? Other countries have already made funding available to post secondary institutions to start training for future jobs. Government has already come up with the lists of future careers in demand so that it citizens can start retraining themselves. Our government is campaigning around the country promising that they will bring manufacturing jobs into the country while other governments are worried about machines taking over the manufacturing sector.

Our educational system needs a reset.