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Support for mayoral candidate Prince Thorpe in Edmonton

15 November 2016 at 05:24 | 1766 views

Statement delivered by the Honourable Chairman of the APC-Canada branch Comrade Sean Samura, at the launching and fund-raising ceremony of Prince Thorpe, aspirant for Mayor of Freetown, Sierra Leone, in Edmonton, Canada, over the weekend.

Mr Vice Chairman of the APC Canada Branch, Comrade Abdoul Kareem Koroma, Comrade Alex Kabia, co-opted Member of the APC Canada Branch, Executives and Members of the APC Alberta Chapter, distinguished guests and invitees,

I am humbled by the lavish introduction delivered by the Vice Chairman of the APC Canada Branch. I wish to express my profound thanks and appreciation to the organizers of this event. I must also register my appreciation for the confidence bestowed on me to deliver the keynote address in this momentous occasion.

I am indebted to you, Vice Chairman of the APC Canada Branch, Comrade Abdoul Kareem Kamara, for your exemplary leadership and dedication in serving the APC Alberta Chapter. Let me assure you that the Alberta Chapter will remain a major pillar in the APC Canada Branch. I appreciate the good work you are doing in lifting the banner of our party, the All Peoples Congress.

APC-Canada chairman Sean Samura (left) and Alex Kabia in Edmonton over the weekend.

Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, I am here to congratulate Comrade Prince Thorpe, the Youth Leader of the APC-Canada branch on his decision to be an aspirant for the Mayor of Freetown in the 2018 elections in Sierra Leone.

Wherever I go, I hear the people saying "Freetown Mayor ”and“Better is still possible under Prince Thorpe."

Alex Kabia of APC-Canada (left) and Prince Thorpe, the aspirant for Mayor of Freetown in Edmonton.

I am inspired by what our great Comrade is doing. He has shown that age does not matter and you can become whatever you aspire through hard work and dedication. I see something very extraordinary in this Mayoral aspirant. I see passion to serve his country. A young dynamic youth that understands the urgency of now. Comrade Prince Thorpe, I salute you again for your vision and I want you to be successful.

Abdoul Kareem Kamara, past president, APC-Alberta and current APC-Canada Vice Chairman 1 (left) and the new APC-Alberta president Hamidu Kamara.

Comrades of the All Peoples Congress (APC), Canada Branch,

The future of our country rests on the young people. When young people aspire to lead and make a difference in our native land we can chart a better future for our people and our country. This is the highest form of patriotism. Our country demands that we must pay back. We cannot negate this call or substitute it with arguments. The world is changing, Africa and our country, Sierra Leone must be in a position to adapt to these changes. What we need to do is to summon our collective resolve, and the conscience of citizenship. Our country has enormous potential that must be harnessed so that as a people we can break the chains of poverty and achieve economic prosperity. We can do that if we remain united.

Sean and Alex in Edmonton.

In other words, My fellow compatriots, it is by awakening our inner sense of national service that we can transform our resource endowed country and be able to compete in global prosperity. Nations are changing and we cannot afford to lag behind. We must come together and work for the good of our country. We must work as one people with a common focus and destiny. This is what makes advanced nation-states better places to live. My question is, why can’t we do the same for our country?

Time to dig in

I believe that there are greater days ahead for Sierra Leone. We refuse to be broken down. Today, the gains of democratic good governance and pluralism in our country mark an important milestone in our national transformation. We are building a viable democracy which, in my opinion, also encapsulates the involvement of the Sierra Leone-Canadian Diaspora. It is our sacred duty to showcase what we can do for our country. It is my prayer that Sierra Leoneans in Canada will start to work with a sense of purpose. I will continue to reach out to communities across Canada so that we can contribute to the development of Sierra Leone.

That APC-Canada branch under my leadership will support the democratic involvement of our citizens who have nurtured a sense of national service and call to duty. I am happy with the show of determination by Comrade Prince Thorpe. I believe the doors are open for him in the APC. The APC is a grassroots party. It is a party for the youths. I will assure you that in the APC the sky will be your limit. Our party is the only hope for development in Sierra Leone. We must continue to work hard in mobilizing our people. When more young people become involved in the political process additional progress can be made to what we already have under the leadership of His Excellency the President, Dr Ernest Koroma. Many young people are identifying with our party because we represent a clear path towards the future of our people.

Finally, I wish to call on the current executive of the APC Alberta Chapter to join me as I donate 1000 dollars to the fund raising endeavor of Comrade Prince Thorpe, aspirant for the Mayor of Freetown in the 2018 elections.

Comrade, you have our support and I wish you success in your political endeavor. God bless you, and may God bless the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party.

Thank you.