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By  | 22 April 2014 at 20:44 | 1162 views

The Law School Imbroglio

I have been watching and observing the Law School mess developing and escalating with some amusement. It shows that some members of the so-called "noble" profession are not noble after all. But we journalists had known that long, long ago. Of course we have many good and ethical lawyers but the "cowboys" among them seem to be gaining the upper hand these days. Nice to get that out of the way.

Now, my advice to the Law School is for them to get external examiners or a fresh batch of examiners to review the exam papers or scripts of ALL students involved including those approved and given a pass. The examiners that created the mess should NOT be allowed to touch or mark those scripts again. They should even be disciplined if found incompetent in a separate investigation.

Or a new examination should be set up to be taken by ALL 2013 students including those that had allegedly passed (my preferred option) to be marked by outsiders since the current examiners have lost all credibility. The 15 "geniuses" that waltzed through those exams should also be brought back for another go at the exams to satisfy everybody.

Rather than coming up with numerous "Whereases", the Law School and Council of Legal Education (or whatever they call themselves) should apologize to those students they treated so shabbily, telling them they had passed and then turning around to say the contrary, in effect blaming the victim. If such a thing had happened in other countries I know, they will be immediately fired and disbarred. They are a very lucky to live in the land of Yugosoba and should thank their stars and stop the yada, yada,yada chanting.

There are a lot of things wrong with that Law School; what recently happened is just a tip of the ice-berg. There have been allegations of ethnocentrism in the admission and qualification of students, special treatment of the children of lawyers including judges, the school not being under the control of the University of Sierra Leone (thus free to do whatever it wants), tutors, mostly practising lawyers, not being paid, thus acting like autocrats, bullying and insulting students at will, screaming like psychotic banshees at terrified and cowering students and so on. Government should set up a Commission of Enquiry on the Law School after the current mess has been cleaned.

More on this later.

We don’t Need the Eco.

I hear that Sierra Leone will adopt a proposed West African currency called the Eco next year. This comes from a reliable contributor to my newspaper but the government of Sierra Leone is yet to make an announcement to the effect.

If the information is true, and we believe it is, we at the Patriotic Vanguard will oppose it with all our might. We do not need to deliver our economic future to Abuja or Accra or wherever the Eco will be coming from, just as Britain did not need to get rid of the Pound Sterling to be part of the EEC.

We are making progress on the economic front despite numerous hiccups and do not need to take big risks with known political and economic criminals. If I were President Koroma I will politely tell my fellow West African Presidents that Sierra Leone is not ready yet for such a risky investment. Simple.

PS: Is there a connection between Freetown’s notorious Eco Bank and the proposed Eco? Just musing.