Stop maltreating and abusing women

1 December 2007 at 08:05 | 725 views

By Assaf Rassin Kamara, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

A human rights activist said recently in Sierra Leone that the war is over but the abuse of women is not over yet. She also said that it would be very difficult to get rid of the abuse against women because she can’t find people in Sierra Leone that are passionate about putting an end to it. She also asked that the government should take domestic violence seriously to prevent women from being abused by their partners that sometimes leads to death.

Sierra Leone has become notorious for harbouring men who constantly abuse and violate women. This issue has become a very big problem. I don’t know why this is happening in our beloved Sierra Leone.

I’m kindly asking H E President Ernest Bai Koroma to look into domestic violence seriously because our women have become punching bags for men for far too long and we need to put an end to this epidemic. Women are the backbone to every family and we should appreciate every single one of them.

They deserve the right to be treated fairly just like any man in Sierra Leone because it’s their constitutional right. Men should start being prosecuted in the courts of law and that is why we are governed by laws, so therefore let’s use them. Also the powers that have been given to the chiefs should be withdrawn from them especially when it comes to domestic violence because they’re part of the reason for men to keep abusing and violating women.

No disrespect to the chiefs but when it comes to the laws and the constitution that govern Sierra Leone, I’m sure many of them they don’t know anything about them and people in the rural areas mainly continue to live by old traditions some of which are not good. The world is not living in the past or old traditions anymore; we are living in the future so please let’s start to think about the welfare of our women so that they will be able to live and take care of our kids.

Women should be treated like angels, they’re supposed to be adored, cherished, loved, treated with respect and cared for at all times because of their delicacy. But today my brothers are just not looking at things this way because they are cowards, picking on someone that will make them feel that they’re in total control. Don’t forget that there is no such thing as total control. The fact is that you cannot direct you own footsteps, even when you think you do, you still stumble and fall, not alone trying to be controlling.

I want you to understand that we are here today because women are the ones that paid the ultimate price. There are so many reasons why we should love our women and treat them with respect. They are the ones that lift us up when we fall in love with them and I think there is nothing better than falling in love with a woman.

Yes, it is a beautiful thing to know and experience. Even when we do cheat on them, they give us chance after chance but yet still we always find a way to mess things up for them. In most cases they turn around and blame themselves for the things we do, because women are very emotional. We are mistaking that as weakness. These women try so hard to make things work even when they’ve been abused or violated by their men, yet still they find a way to put a smile on their faces not to show that they’re hurting.

We let our ego and pride take control of our emotions and thinking that women don’t have any right to an opinion but to keep quiet and do what we want. When you are in a relationship, remember there is no more you or I any more, it becomes we and us. We are in the 21st century for Christ’s sake.

I think we are the reason for our women to be disobedient these days because we as men never try to ask ourselves what is it that we’re doing that is not right. Until we find time to do that then we will realize that we are the problem most of the time. We always take our women for granted. The most beautiful thing in this world is bringing a new life to this world and that shows the strength of a woman.

We always fail to understand what women had to go through during that nine (9) month period. I bet you, none of us want to go through that and for the same reason we should be more appreciative, more respectful and love our women more. We are not showing any affection let alone love to our women; all we care about is our sexual pleasure and that is not the only thing love is about.

We love our mothers so much that we can never allow anybody whatsoever to disrespect them, let alone lay hands on them. We should treat our wives/girlfriends/partners the same way; they deserve more than that.

Please, guys, let’s start to think about the future of our children and ask ourselves if this is the legacy we want to pass on to them. Some of you have already done that because you do abuse and violate your women in front of your kids, making them think that it’s okay to do that to women.Please stop this behaviour.