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Steady Bongo "Bongolises" in Texas

20 August 2009 at 04:32 | 1169 views

By Sanpha Sesay, Texas Correspondent.

One of Sierra Leone’s outstanding musicians, Lansana Sheriff, popularly known as Steady Bongo scored two major goals in his performance on Saturday, August 15th at the Broadway hall in the city of Garland where hundreds of his fans enthusiastically danced with him on stage and embraced him for his cultural proficiency and his call to promote unity, peace and love.

The performance of Steady Bongo demonstrated patriotism and nationalism wherein he preached on our lost national identity of unity.

As part of his goals, Bongo advised citizens of Sierra Leone living abroad or at home to have the duty and responsibility of respecting honoring our president. He added that people must realize that our President, Dr. Ernest Koroma, is not a president in Sierra Leone that represents a single party, nor a single tribe, but Sierra Leoneans as a whole.

Bongo believed that the two major ethnic groups, the Mendes and Temnes should have equilibrium in politics so that the two major political parties, the All People’s Congress (APC) and the Sierra Leone People’s party (SLPP) would be multi-ethnic for the overall development of our country.

Steady Bongo’s message of unity was instantly achieved in that the long standing problem between two die-hard politicians, Nanette Thomas and Solomon Sengbeh Pieh, APC and SLPP respectively, was quickly resolved. The two leaders had been in a cold war of silence towards each other since the launching of the SLPP chapter in Dallas some few months ago.

But Steady-Bongo’s message was fruitful because it brought an ideological conviction and emotional courage to the two politicians with their groups seeing them warmly embracing themselves once again.

The second goal Lansana Sheriff achieved in the Dallas concert was a successful importation of our culture to the Texas, the second largest state in the U.S.

He illustrated our cultural heritage and traditional twang to his interviewer at the international radio station (FM 89.3 Knon). Many listeners of that radio station made a recording of of Steady Bongo songs that the interviewer played during the interview on August 14th, one Jamaican told PV.

Many nationalities that witnessed the show haD also agreed that our indigenous Sierra Leone music and dance has an expression that maintains a tradition and style distinct from the music and dance of the western world making it unique.

The fact that our traditional songs and melodies are like any other African style generally creates an avenue of communication. “

Comot bien me”, his most popular song was repeatedly played to emphasize that people should actually mind their own business. That was greatly accepted and applauded by his fans.

Bongo expressed gratitude to his promoter, Mr. Joe Pokawa for giving him the opportunity to have a sociable experience with his fellow Sierra Leoneans in Texas. Despite a clash of events on that night, the Steady Bongo show in Dallas alongside a wedding at Houston, which carried away many people, the show still had an impact according to Pokawa. He believes that the show was quite fulfilling.

Suad Bahsoon Pieh, the wife of SLPP Dallas chapter leader Solomon Gembeh was the MC responsible for the proper and smooth conduct of the show, while the African music promoter, Henry Gegbe, took the position of disc jockey. Gegbe made several announcements of forthcoming events that will take place before the end of summer.

In another development, an up and coming young man, Daniel Macarthy, who was for a long time involved in philanthropy to promote our musical stars has vowed to PV that he will bring Kay-Man or Steady Bongo back to Dallas but did not say when.

Currently doing business studies at the University Texas, Dallas (UTD), Daniel Macarthy is also well known to African movie lovers in the Dallas Fort-Worth areas.