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Special thanks from late Abdul Kareem Shaw’s Family to all sympathizers

5 July 2020 at 21:57 | 723 views

The Shaw Family at home and abroad wishes to express thanks and appreciation to all those who sympathized with them during their time of grief following the loss of their dear brother, father, uncle and son, Mr. Abdul Kareem Shaw (pictured), who died on Thursday 4th June and buried in Kenema on Friday 5th June 2020.

Special Thanks and Appreciation to His Excellency The President, Dr. Jullius Maada Bio, the First Lady HE Madam Fatima Maada Bio, Vice President Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh , Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Forestry, and Food Security 2, Dr Abu Bakarr Karim, Minister of Social Welfare, Madam Baindu Dassama-Kamara , Deputy Minister of Social Welfare, Mohamed Haji Kella, Fullah Tribal Headman, Alhaji Mohamed Sajor Jalloh, FPU President, Umaru Sanu Barrie, FPU vice President, Mohamed Bailor Barrie, FPU Secretary General, Alhaji Osman Bah, President Tabital Pulaaku International, SL , Mohamed Juldeh Shaw, Chairman Council of Elders, Alhaji Umaru Monorma Bah.

Abdul Kareem Shaw, who until his death was Director of Public Private Partnership at the Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education, is survived by his wife Binta Jalloh Shaw and four children-Karima Shaw, Ejatu Shaw. Hardy Shaw and Alhaji Allieu Shaw.

Brothers and Sisters include: Haja Kadijatu Shaw, Dr. Ibrahim Seaga Shaw, Abu Bakarr Shaw, Gassimu Papa Shaw, Alhaji Ahmed Shaw, Ejatu Shaw, Jariah Shaw Neneh Assma Shaw, Isata Shaw, , Mariama Shaw, Kindi Shaw, Mohamed Bailor Shaw, Mohamed Alpha Shaw, Abass Shaw, Neneh Assiatu Shaw and Kadja Shaw.

Step mothers –Haja Wusainatu Shaw and Nene Jariah Shaw

Other brothers Include: Alhaji Mohamed Unisa Shaw, Amadu Jogor Shaw, Alpha Umaru Shaw, Mohamed Lamrana Shaw, Mohamed Alpha Shaw. Abdulai Shaw, Alhaji Karim Shaw, Mohamed Fabai Massaquoi, Shefui Massaquoi

Uncles include: Alhaji Wurie Shaw, Alhaji Amadu Shaw, Alhaji Bailor Shaw, Alhaji Tuppeh Shaw, Alhaji Lamarana Gubel Shaw, Alhaji Babbah Leigh.

Close friends include Mustapha Jabber, Alhaji Idrissa Sesay, Alhaji Jalloh, Juldeh Bah, Tejan Bah, Amadu Justice Bah, Pa Momoh Fofanah, and many others whose names have not been mentioned are all equally important.

Credit: Expo Times online newspaper