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Special Court: Penfold Appears Today

By  | 8 February 2006 at 07:58 | 488 views

The stage is set for fireworks in Freetown as former British High Commissioner to Sierra Leone Peter Penfold (photo) appears this morning at the Special Court to testify as a defense witness for the Hinga Norman defense team.

According to usually reliable sources,Penfold will be followed on the witness stand on Thursday by no less a person than the former SLPP Vice President of Sierra Leone Dr. Albert Joe Demby.Demby is considered another major witness for Norman and his co-accused as he knows not only about the activities of the SLPP government in exile between 1997 and 1998, but also the inner workings of the Kamajor militia, of which he is a senior member. He, like Penfold, is bound to come out with revelations that would figuratively shake the foundations of the Special Court building and even beyond to State Lodge, where president Kabbah would probably be sitting on tenterhooks.

Kabbah himself may soon appear at the Special Court as a subpoena ad testificandum has been slapped on him by Norman and co-accused Moinina Fofana. If Kabbah appears, the already high temperature at the Special Court will most certainly reach boiling point because there will be accusations and counter-accusations galore.

Meanwhile a team of UK judges are in Freetown to observe the Special Court for Sierra Leone in action. Stay tuned.