From the Editor’s Keyboard

SLPP must heal their internal wounds

5 March 2017 at 11:11 | 1725 views


By Thaim Krugba, Guest Writer, Kambia, Sierra Leone.

Each and every one of us has emotional wounds, but until we admit it, we will remain in an emotional quagmire that keeps dragging us down to commit heinous mayhem like the current SLPP political brouhaha in the country.

Moreover, until these SLPP stalwarts express or are given a chance to express their true political misgivings and those misgivings are given the imperative attention, the political ambience of our young, wobbling but gradually thriving democracy is in shambles. The healing process which they have delayed has left and continues to leave untold anarchy in the democratic foundations of our nation, to the detriment of peace-loving citizens. Eventually, this SLPP intra-party political chaos will create unhealthy relationships among peaceful citizens and state institutions such as the Sierra Leone legal system and the Sierra Leone Police.

In my opinion, SLPP zealots tend to block their healing powers when they seek to point fingers and blame others for their in-house political pandemonium. Sierra Leoneans recognize that political mishaps have the tendency to compromise our national security thereby posing a serious national threat to the peace we now enjoy. We do not want to go back to the dark days! Do we?

Claiming their emotional constraints is essential to their peaceful resolution and cohabitation as a political party. Once they have claimed their emotional constraints, the government and other democratic institutions will begin the task of unpacking each emotional item and figuring out and resolving them. Moreover, SLPP has neglected their role in affirming our democratic structures as a major opposition party.

Some of these problems lingering in the SLPP are very emotional, like the jeans we wore in high school and now at thirty-five we are hoping it fits us again or that it comes back in style. It worked well in high school, but now we are too old to wear it even if it fits and if it does come back in style it will always remain the jeans we wore in high school. It no longer serves a purpose, so throw it out.

Similarly, in curing some of their emotional wounds, the SLPP will prevent the rash of crimes their so-called supporters would like to commit. When the situation was dangerous for all citizens during the civil war, the perpetrators and non-perpetrators escaped to save their lives.

Trying to force external solutions without first clearing their emotional wounds will be utterly futile and counter-productive for the SLPP. It is tantamount to taking a refreshing shower and then putting on dirty underwear. If the image of that is disgusting in them, then so is the act of trying to heal their intra-party altercation without first clearing their emotional problems. Their internal energy will feel nasty and they will be left feeling not so fresh. They should begin with healing their hearts, minds, bodies to feel politically refreshed and charged; then they can begin to heal their souls. Once they have sorted through their emotional bad attitudes it will be time to begin the healing process. They need to be heard to heal their emotional wounds.

So instead of looking towards the external self in order to get healed they should begin with the internal self. That’s where their emotions lie. That’s where the political shakeup lies. This includes accepting themselves as imperfect human beings. They are not without flaws or faults.

The greatest news is that they can always improve on their political stamina and integrity when they are ready to, because there is always room for the SLPP leadership’s improvement.