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SLPP Lauds Friends of Berewa

6 October 2006 at 01:05 | 463 views

The Friends of Berewa in the United Kingdom recently had a fund raising event in honour of the Vice President at a hotel in London. Vice President Berewa and other high ranking SLPP members were present. Alimamy Kargbo reports:


By Alimamy Kargbo

In typical fashion, and displaying undivided loyalty and commitment, the Friends of Berewa (UK Chapter) have followed their display of unity with what the Vice President fitfully remarked was ‘...a significant contribution..’ to the campaign fund of the SLPP.

It was an event unique in its effervescence and remarkable in the manner in which the entire leadership welcomed such a gesture. When one considers the fratricidal struggles within other political parties, this seeming exhibition of unity was enough to reassure Berewa that the SLPP stands united in its cause. This was eloquently manifested by Mr. Berewa himself when in a lighthearted manner he said "my friends have decided to host me to show their satisfaction and love." The gift then was more than a show of friendship, it was a vote of confidence and a strong message to all and sundry that the party stands united.

Accepting the gift at a presentation witnessed by the National Chairman, Alhaji U.N.S Jah, Mr. J.J Saffa (National Secretary General), the outgoing High Commissioner to the Court of St James, Alhaji Sulaiman Tejan-Jalloh among others, Vice President Berewa stated that he was extremely happy to meet with ‘his friends’ and thanked them profusely for the fundraising event which gave him an opportunity to meet with his people.

He went to great lengths to advocate for unity and for the group to show appreciation and support to one another. In another demonstration of his belief in PARTICIPATORY DEMOCRACY, he admonished his friends to practice collective responsibility and not to allow decision making to become the personal prerogative of one person or a chosen few. He stressed the importance of intellectual debates and tolerance, which he noted, was the cornerstone of a progressive democracy.

In his own contribution, Alhaji U.N.S. Jah was full of praise for the group and remarked that this gesture represented a new milestone in the history of support groups within the party. He also observed that this was the first time they have heard promises followed by swift action and delivery. He added for for strengthened partnership and reconciliation as the only way forward.

When it was the turn of the young and dynamic National Secretary General to speak, Mr. Saffa echoed the words of the VP and also commended the UK Chapter for a job well done. He highlighted support groups as a new phenomenon within the SLPP that has proved to be very useful in completing the overall efforts of the party. He gave a clarion call for continued unity and encouraged the party faithful to direct their fire at the opposition and not at themselves.

High Commissioner, Alhaji Sulaiman Tejan Jalloh in his short contribution remarked that the group are worthy ambassadors who are very determined and result-oriented with no other focus than to ensure that ‘Solo B’ becomes the President of Sierra Leone come 2007.

To many observers, the success of this group has not gone unnoticed. A senior party figure speaking on condition of anonymity remarked that these boys had grown into men. He went to say that that the planning was good, delivery successful and the organization was superb. He said Wundah, Abdul, Eric Lansana, Vibby, Fakondoh, Ansu Momoh and the MC’s were just too good in their various roles.

When contacted for his comments, a member of the Friends Of Berewa, Ansu Momoh remarked that this was not a one-man effort, but the effort of each and every member of the group. He said that they were all united and will not allow the group to fall victim to any divisive tactics brought to it by the opposition. Mr. Momoh went on to commend the roles played by Pauline Panda and Mrs. Binta Pokawa who performed brilliantly as MCs for the occasion. He stressed the fact the organization had the full support of the SLPP UK branch and this was not an organization within an organization.

Photo: Vice President Berewa speaking at the event.

Photo Credit: Cotton Tree magazine.

Editor’s note: We shall publish more photos of this event later.