SLPP is on life support

12 October 2007 at 22:01 | 807 views

By Donald Georgestone,LA,USA.

Under the guidance of Dr Christiana Thorpe , the international community
watched and observed democracy on trial in the Parlimentary election on August 11, and the Presidential runoff election on September 8, 2007 , respectively in Sierra Leone .

We have seen both the ugly and beautiful sides of the democratic process. The ugly side was the beginning of the electioneering campaign . There was a war of words , among the supporters of the different political parties .In some areas of the country , such as Kailahun , Pujehun and Freetown , there were death threats
and destruction of properties .

In reality, the democratic elecorial process has no room for violent behaviour,
but since we are at the early stages of our democracy , it might be a good reason to
let it slide by , but we must make sure it does not happen again .

To be able to eradicate violent behaviour, in the next democratic electioneering
campaign , we must address the main cause of the problem , which is , a high rate of illiteracy in the country .

For example , some of the people , who were fighting , in the last general elections , don’t even know what they were fighting for.

In most African countries today , the rate of illiteracy is extremely high , because
the government tends to keep it that way , and use it as a tool to keep themselves in power .

By the same token , we as Sierra Leoneans , regardless of our educational
background , can help to eradicate this problem , by learning and practising the
following principlies:

1 . We must learn to respect and accept differences of opinion.

2. We should learn to accept the fact that everybody is entitled to his or her
own opinion , regardles of his or her political affiiliation. That is just basic
human rights.

3. We should learn that it is always better to agree agreeably , than to
disagree disagreeably .

4. We should not allow these politicians to use us as tools , to further their
own selfish agenda .

I urge every reader of this article , to talk to a friend or relative , that violent
in an electioneering campaign , is not the answer to our problems .

The beautiful side of the democratic process , was when the former Vice President
Solomon Berewa conceded defeat , after the results of the Presidential
run off elections were announced on September 15 .

He called the new
President Ernest Koroma , congratulated him , and promised to work
with him for the good of the nation. That was the signal for a new
day . It was the beginging of national reconcilation and reconstruction
for another five year period .

Even in the more advanced Western democracies , electioneering campaigns
do get ugly ,but without violent behaviour such as death threats and destruction of properties , because such behaviur is unacceptable .

In the 2004 , Presidential election between George Bush and John Kerry ,
there were war of words between supporters of the two candidates . At the end of the election day , when the resuls shown George Bush as the winner , John Kerry called him , congratulated him and threw his support behind him .

When general elections are conducted fair and free in a democratic
country , the results reveal a lot of things about the political parties and
the people .

It is at this point , political analysts are called in to analyse the data , and
make recommendations for any political party , that wants to change its directions .

According to the way the people voted , in the last elections , the results
revealed the followings -

1. SLPP is a party of exclusion , and it practices tribalism and sectionalism.

2. Majority of the population were sick and tired of the ruling party , and
wanted a change of government .

3. APC presented themselves as a new party , of fairness and - inclusion.

4. Majority of the people believe that APC is the party that will rescue
them from poverty and despair .

5. PMDC. presented themselves as a new party , of fairness and inclusion.

6. Majority of the people felt that , PMDC was not strong enough to lock
horns with the then ruling party . (SLPP.)

7. The other small political parties did not make any significant impact
on the outcome of the election .

Democracy is begining to take firm roots in Sierra Leone , and we expect
to go through another democratic election process in five years’ time .

As it stands now , it appears that SLPP would not be a viable contender
in the next general election , because 80% of the population don’t have any
more confidence in the party . The party is on a life support system .

First of all , the party has been hijacked by a group of left wing extremists , whose ideology is geared towards the destruction of Sierra Leone, by practising
tribalism , sectionalsm , nepotisim , vandalism and corruption .

This was not the intention of our forefather , Sir Milton Margai .

For those who are not familar with the history of Sierra Leone , Sir Milton
Margai was the first Prime Minister of Sierra Leone. He founded the Sierra Leone People’s Party ( SLPP). in 1951 , and he led Sierra Leone to independent from Britain on April 27 , 1961. He died on April 28 , 1964.

Sometimes , I wonder what would be his reaction , if he should come back and
see the atrocities that SLPP has brought upon the people of Sierra Leone.

Well , from my perception of that great and peace loving man , I think he will
ask God to root out all those evil doers from the face of the earth .

To revive SLPP from life support , and become a viable contender in the next democratic election , the young and fair minded SLPP supporters , has to take
over their party and reform it .

Make the party all inclusive , and let your ideology geared towards a better Sierra Leone for everybody , regardless of
ethnicity or which area you live in , because people want good governance.

It is a well known fact , that when political parties are equally matched
in a democratic election , the people benefit . The choices also become very
difficult to make , and any party that happens to be in office , will do its utmost best , to listen and carry out the will of the people.

All that being said , it will be nice to see democracy at its best , in Sierra
Leone with a strong SLPP, a strong APC and a strong MPDC locking horns against each other.

For the past twenty years , politicians have taken Sierra Leone voters for

When politicians wanted to be voted into office , they tell lies after lies ,
after lies , and yet nothing is done for the people .

It has now reached the climax , that the people are aware of the games these
politicians play , and are not going to put up with it any longer.

Any party which does not perform to expectation , whilst in office , will be, voted
out . This also applies to the current ruling party , APC.

If they fail to measure
up to the expectation of the electorate , they will be voted out of office in the
next general election . Not only that , if any politician in the out going party,
is alleged to have been involved in any form of misapropriation of the
country’s money , we the people , will put pressure on the incomming
government to put that individual on trial( a word for a wise is quite sufficient).

I have been accused of being biased in my articles . I like to emphasize that
I am not affiliated with any political party , nor do I intend to. I am only looking out for the folks . I mean those who are in despair , the underprivledged , the disfranchised , the disadvantaged and those who could not speak out for themselves .

God bless our beloved Sierra Leone.