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SLPP Canada Region congratulates President-elect Julius Maada Bio

5 April 2018 at 19:24 | 2337 views

April 5th, 2018

Dear President-elect, H. E. Julius Maada Bio (Rtd. Brig),

RE: Congratulatory Message from SLPP Canada Region*

Last night we celebrated victory for all Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad. On behalf of SLPP Canada Region, we would like to extend our congratulations to you, Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio and Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh on your election as President and Vice-President of the Republic of Sierra Leone. You have received a clear mandate to govern from the people of Sierra Leone.

We also want to congratulate elected officials of the SLPP and opposition parties, and thank every candidate who put his or her name on the ballot. It takes courage to put your name forward for elected office, and you have made a valuable contribution to our fragile democracy.

To Sierra Leoneans from Falaba in the North to Futa Kpeje in the South, and from Kosso Town in the West to Koidu in the East who cast a ballot, thank you. Your participation keeps our democracy healthy and country strong.

Your Excellency President Julius Maada Bio, in the last 5 years you have remained steadfast in your responsibilities to the SLPP and the people of Sierra Leone by leading our Party through times of turbulence with strength, integrity and a sense of duty. Today, you are an enduring symbol of patience, perseverance and success not only for the SLPP, but for ordinary Sierra Leoneans.

Your Excellency, you have inherited a country that is broken, battered and broke, but you have also promised to lift up the children of Sierra Leone and the spirit of our people by providing free education. This is ambitious, but your sense of a new direction to help impoverished Sierra Leonean children to thrive and succeed remains part of your government’s plan to create fairness and opportunity for all irrespective of tribe, status or region. Poor Sierra Leoneans believe removing the financial barriers to education and making it more affordable will strengthen the foundation of our country and help people in their everyday lives.

SLPP Canada Region is committed to continuing to build a positive relationship with the Sierra Leone Peoples Party and your government, and to working together in the spirit of positive growth and collaboration. We wish you and your soon to-be announced cabinet the best in this new dispensation.

Long live the SLPP
Long live the people of Sierra Leone
God bless the Republic of Sierra Leone

One country, one people!


Paul Duwai-Sowa
Chairman, SLPP Canada Region

Paul Duwai-Sowa, Chairman, SLPP Canada Region

Alpha Shaw, Public Relations Officer, SLPP Canada Region