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SLEITI Press Release

26 February 2010 at 00:14 | 81 views

Press Release

The Sierra Leone Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (SLEITI) Multi- Stakeholder Group (MSG) wishes to inform Government, Development Partners and the Public that it is on the verge of producing Sierra Leone’s first EITI Report. This will be the cumulative effect of a Reconciliation Exercise conducted by Verdi Consulting which started in December 2009 and will be concluded in March 2010.

The focus of the Reconciliation Exercise is to ensure transparency and accountability in the payments made by Mining Companies, Dealers/Exporters and revenues received by Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs). In compliance with the terms of the contract, the Multi-Stakeholder Group wishes to inform the Public that Verdi Consulting on Friday 19th February 2010, submitted its preliminary findings to the SLEITI Secretariat, Ministry for Presidential and Public Affairs, State House.

Reacting to the initial findings, the Multi-Stakeholder Group on the one hand expressed satisfaction at the progress made so far but on the other hand, expressed concern over what appears to be unresolved issues and un-reconciled differences during the exercise. In this regard, the Multi-Stakeholder Group urges Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Mining Companies and Dealers/Exporters to see the need to cooperate fully with the Reconciler with a view to ensuring the successful production of the first EITI Report which has the potential for yielding enormous benefits for Sierra Leone.

The purpose of this Press Release is therefore two fold:

To inform the Public about the status of the Reconciliation Exercise in the implementation of EITI in Sierra Leone; and

To urge all the Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Mining Companies and Dealers/Exporters involved in the Reconciliation Exercise to see the need to cooperate fully with Verdi Consulting with a view to ensuring the production of Sierra Leone’s first EITI Report on time.

The next objective of the Multi-Stakeholder Group is to ensure that Sierra Leone attains EITI Compliant status through the publication of the Validation Report.

Together, we can all help develop Sierra Leone.

M.S. Kebe

SLEITI National Coordinator