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SLAJ, SLBA Smoke Peace Pipe

By  | 18 December 2013 at 21:04 | 704 views

The Executives of the Sierra Leone Association of
Journalists (SLAJ) and the Sierra Leone Bar Association (SLBA) met Tuesday December 17 to discuss issues of common interest, and ways of future cooperation, according to a joint press release signed by the Secretary Generals of both organizations.

The issue of the recent press release issued by the Bar Association, and the
response from SLAJ was discussed and amicably ironed out.

The two groups agreed to put all differences behind them and now work together
in their mutual interest and for the common good of the country.

Issues surrounding the Criminal and seditious libel laws, bail policy, basic
training to report on legal issues were discussed and deferred for future

SLAJ President Kelvin Lewis said "the Bar Association has been supportive of
SLAJ in the past and we look forward to a more amicable relationship now and in
the future."

Bar Association President Elvis Kargbo (photo) stated that, "it is necessary for SLAJ
and the Bar Association to foster a good working relationship in the interest of
all Sierra Leoneans."

Both Presidents agreed to discuss issues touching on their membership first
before going public.