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Silence at Information Ministry

By  | 29 June 2013 at 02:01 | 1251 views

Where is Information Minister Alpha Kanu? That’s the question in many people’s minds, APC or non-APC, but most of them do not have the "mind", meaning guts in Sierra Leonean parlance, to air it out.

One of my controversial friends has been pestering me for weeks now saying, "Bo Gbanabome ask di kweshion nor, ow, yusef dey fraid ba" (Gbanabome ask the question, are you also afraid or what?). Gbanabome is my middle name. I told him I was not afraid of anything although I found the whole thing weird. I promised to investigate but quickly ran into a wall. Nobody wants to talk about it. I cannot get the man himself either.

When the Honourable Alpha Kanu was appointed Information Minister shortly after the November 2012 elections that returned the ruling APC party to power for a second term, many people were quite happy and excited that wonderful things were going to happen in that Ministry.

Alpha is known as an energetic and dynamic personality who usually gets things done. He is a professional engineer and experienced business man and politician with a knack for oratory and leadership.

Immediately after his appointment Alpha swung into action meeting with stakeholders at home and abroad and generally giving the impression that ground-breaking things were about to happen. Even his deputy made some vibrant declarations. Then suddenly everything went quiet.

Since then nothing has been heard from Alpha or his deputy. As our people are fond of saying, "there was yaing." Not a peep.

Whatever the reason for this silence I would suggest the Minister or his Deputy clear the air and tell Sierra Leoneans what they are up to. They have been appointed to do a job and they must be seen doing it. Or if they are having problems doing their job they must tell us why. It’s that simple, actually.