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Sierratel introduces state of the art technology

20 March 2009 at 05:58 | 856 views

By Ibrahim Babatunde Sesay, PV Correspondent, Freetown.

THE nation’s only indigenous mobile telecommunication provider, SIERRATEL, has introduced the latest state of the art technology - EVDO US B Moden internet connection - in the country.

The service is not only fast but very reliable. With SIERRATEL’s network covering the whole country, internet connectivity in the remotest setting is now a reality. One just need to buy a SIERRATEL connector, plug it into your PC or computer, zoom and see if you will not be accessible to the whole world.

Speaking to this reporter, one satisfied customer said he envisaged increased patronage from business people, doctors, students and officials working in remote areas who would want to send regular reports to their respective head offices or quickly access information from other parts of the world.

“Frankly speaking SIERRATEL INTERNET SERVICE is the best of all mobile internet connections I have used,” he said.

He added that the innovation - CDMA, EVDO US B Modem technology - is already spreading fever in the country’s telecommunications industry. The CDMA 2000 EVDO has a highly effective broadband internet system.

The Technology

CDMA, which means Code Division Multiple Access, is a digital technology that uses digital encoding “spread spectrum” radio frequency(RF) techniques, thus providing much better and more effective voice quality, privacy, system capacity, and flexibilities that other wireless technologies. CDMA 2000 (1x and EV- DO) technology is the latest version of CDMA technology and provides many performance advantages over other technologies, such as GSM. This new CDMA provides up to twice the capacity of either CDMA system (with even bigger gains over TDMA and GSM), helping to accommodate the growth of even greater voice services as well as new wireless internet services. It provides peak data rates from 153 kbps on the 1x and up to 3 .1mbps on the EV-DO, without sacrificing voice capacity for data capabilities at all.


With the most affordable rates for local and international calling in the country, SIERRATEL communication services will enable every Sierra Leonean, (from corporate clients to average rural client) to communicate effectively with ease within our network and across! The CDMA provides security whilst delivering a crisp clear connectivity across networks. Everyone can now enjoy calling within the urban areas and as far as rural communities in Sierra Leone clearly. We have exciting pre-paid and post paid calling plans that can be customized to fit your distinct life style!


This is an innovative technology that bridges the gap between the land line telephony and mobile. With the same affordable tariffs on all voice calls, the fixed wireless phone which can acts as a desk phone to its owner can also provide internet, SMS, and fax facilities as well! The fixed wireless phone provides 1x data access of up to 2000kps when used wit USB port connection from the phone to any PC. This is one of SIERRATEL’s most competitive and unique products thus far, as it is the only service of its kind offered nationwide.


Exotic! The 1x voice and data mobile phone allows for flexibility and convenience. This product is suitable for the client on the move! With a verity of exotic options to choose from, the 1x phone will allow for data speed up to 200kbps, on the screen or connected with an USB port to a PC! A true modern day alternative to low speed data phone connectivity.


Too fast too furious!! Indeed, this is the breakthrough in internet connectivity that all has been waiting for. With dedicated speed as high as 1Mbps, Evolution Data Optimized (EV-DO) technology is the main advantage of the CDMA technology over the GSM networks. Thus the CDMA EV-DO has high capacity over it GSM counterpart in that it offers a more robust and secure internet facility to its clients. With SierraTel fully meshed network, and affordable pricing, clients, such as Multi-Nationals, SMEs, Government institutions, and even resident client now have an array of product packages to accommodate their needs. Goodbye to expensive Vsat links, and unreliable internet, and welcome to the EV-DO world! This is technology that is, truly yours and truly ours, enjoy it.