Sierra Leonean town benefits from ’Friends’ in Canada

2 August 2007 at 19:40 | 1665 views

By Abayomi Charles Roberts in Edmonton.

Perhaps the only time Canada and Sierra Leone have clashed in football is in the small town of Ro-Mano, Sierra Leone. Actually players on both sides were all Sierra Leoneans who have probably never even travelled beyon d the borders of their country.The score did not really count. It was just a symbolic competition. All the players were young schoolboys, pupils of The Alberta Canada Primary School.

In a recent feature, The Patriotic Vanguard introduced Memunatu Dura-Kamara, a Sierra Leonean who fled the war and who now lives in Edmonton Canada. In that article Vanguard also promised to bring you a more detailed report on her project. It is one to help "bring Ro-Mano back to life," in a project that was started by Memuna Dura-Kamara who now lives in Edmonton, Canada. Though she started it all, she is grateful to a host of generous Canadians who have been helping her morally and finacially. "They are Friends of Ro-Mano, and I want them to know that I appreciate their contributions," Memuna insisted during one interview we had after the July 5, 2007 article. That is how she comes across; a caring and charismatic lady who appreciates - and shows various virtues like gratitude.

In any case the football (better known as soccer in North America) match was just icing on the cake. The project comprises the school itself, which is now operational, but in need of urgent assistance, and a number of structures which are to house a health clinic and even a secondary (high) school. " My hope is to get not only the schools but also other facilities which will help the children and their families make the best use of them," Memuna says. I plan to have a school library for which I am seeking donations of books and other materials.

Photo: Canada (grey), Sierra Leone(white).