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Sierra Leone: Presidential Adviser reacts to British MP

17 September 2018 at 17:47 | 2498 views

To Neil Coyle and his associates

The British High Commission in Sierra Leone has first hand knowledge of and therefore has raised NO CONCERNS about the governance and human rights records of this administration. The British government continues to be fully engaged with the Sierra Leone government and continues 100% support of the government’s flagship programmes of free education and human capital development, governance and security reforms, healthcare and rural development, and productive trade and investment relationships.

MP Neil Coyle is welcome to Sierra Leone to gather first hand information about the human rights situation in Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone is safe and at peace after a peaceful election and transfer of power. Hon Neil Coyle is welcome to travel to Sierra Leone and point out where these so called political prisoners are being kept and where the security and other forces are intimidating and executing political opponents as he claims. As a member of the Brtish parliament, I am sure he recognizes that his integrity matters. The Sierra Leone government would offer to pay for his travel and welfare and provide security while he is in Sierra Leone. Indeed, Sierra Leonean lives matter. Instead of repeating baseless and sensational untruths that sully the image and reputation of Sierra Leone and its government and make the country unattractive to investors, Mr Neil Coyle should be working to promote investment and trade in Sierra Leone which will have the knock-on effect of promoting job creation. Thus Neil Coyle would contribute to consolidating the financially stable, open, transparent, and accountable democracy that President Julius Maada Bio’s New Direction government has instituted for the last 6 month’s. More investment and a stronger economy is best for all Sierra Leoneans. Sierra Leonean lives do matter and you can contribute to making Sierra Leonean lives matter.

PK Muana, PhD
Presidential Adviser and Head of Strategic Communications.