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Sierra Leone: Pay Day Democracy

By  | 4 August 2011 at 01:18 | 582 views


Democracy is not only about numbers and a majority but rather inclusive of worthiness and integrity. Not all majorities show a viable democracy unless the majority themselves are democratic in spirit and kind.

The political resurrection of Mr Maada Bio as leader of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) shows that a polluted majority can inject a polluted outcome, and subsequently a polluted Democracy. When such a predicament occurs the society is polluted as well. A ‘Patriotic’ Democracy should have no place for conniving and compromising with overt and covert political power in a democratic dispensation. Unfortunately, the SLPP proved otherwise.

The ‘selection’ or ‘election’ of Mr Bio as leader of the opposition party is a manifestation of a ‘PAY DAY’ Democracy. Literally, ‘Pay Day’ is for workers who have worked assiduously, diligently; unblemished, with desirable results. Unfortunately, the SLPP, in spite of a piercing into the nooks and crannies of our votes in 1996 and 2002, has rendered a ‘political voucher’ and political pension to a ‘Coup Manager’ who, by fire and by force, coerced, suppressed, slaughtered and dissolved the bodies and carcasses of loved sons, remarkable husbands and fathers with impunity.

The political ‘Pay Day’ by the SLPP is not an error but a deliberate caricature of democracy injected into a Democracy that has gained global applause and commendation. One has to question the ‘political resurrection’ of Mr Bio at this time. Honestly, every word and step he takes has to be critically monitored and analysed for necessary proactive security measures. There is an axiom in Sierra Leone that the monkey’s black hand will ever remain black.

Exceptionally, when a man seeks his Creator [God] honestly and with repentance, he can be made whole again. But that has not been demonstrated by Mr Bio according to his first ‘political revival’ speech. With lack of political maturity and democratic leadership, I have taken some phrases Mr Bio used in his ‘’political revival’ speech: (i) he has come to “rescue this country from failed and divisive policies of President Ernest Bai Koroma”; (ii) he named the APC as “unprogressive All Peoples Congress Party”; (iii) that “this nation can simply not afford another day of President Koroma”; (iv) and he spoke about corruption and rocketing of food and petroleum prices. I thank you Mr Bio. Before, I comment on some, I would like you to know that I am non partisan. I have no political party but rather a patriotic democratic dispensation for my country.

From your phrases, it is really preposterous and without wisdom, to have in your first speech derogatory sentences. Only ‘Kindergarten’ politicians could behave like that. If I were you, I would think of my past and prepare this present moment as a politician by speaking out words of hope and love.

I tell you Mr Bio, words can heal. Words of love could have healed some people whose lives you and your colleagues messed up. However, I am not a political tutor. Furthermore, Mr Bio, you should start reading about global issues on financial markets and natural disasters, climate change, and even reflect on the foundation Presdient Koroma’a political predecessors left before making criticisms without substance.

Even the state that calls itself the ‘World Super Power’ is going through the worst economic upheaval in its history. On the issue of corruption, Mr Bio should revisit his memory lane and see if the Kabbah-Led SLPP convicted their corrupt cabinet members and cohorts. SLPP only established institutions without power to deliver their purpose. Mr Bio should ask himself if he was corruption free. Mr Bio and his NPRC battalion ‘raped’ our resources and paved the way for his political resurrection. Would he consent to any attempt by Anti Corruption that bites under APC to investigate him and his god-fathers in the SLPP for ‘economic rape’?

Mr Bio, congratulations for being brave to revive your political dream. But I have these few words of wisdom for you and the polluters of the SLPP:

Sierra Leone is now a peaceful and emerging democratic state in Africa. Therefore, Mr Candidate, please respect the troubled souls. Let them sleep with their tears. They have not rested because they have seen no justice. But you can give them justice through honest repentance and by demonstrating a God-fearing political career. Please avoid malicious politics. You have the chance to compensate Sierra Leoneans with love respect, and peace.

You and your NPRC regime(s) denied human rights to women, children and men when you were in power. Try as hard as possible to avoid words that will pierce the hearts of those still bleeding. Mind you, Sierra Leone today is different from Sierra Leone in the 1990s. Avoid being complacent. Sierra Leoneans are now and will always be ready to protect their rights and destiny at all cost. Beware of ‘business as usual.’