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Sierra Leone: Last week for political campaigns

28 February 2018 at 06:20 | 2708 views

PV Staff

This is the last week for political campaigning as Sierra Leoneans go the polls next week on Wednesday March 7.

It has been a long wait but the historical date is just around the corner with the major political parties-the ruling APC, the SLPP, the NGC and the ADP vowing to occupy the seat of power, State House. One more time for the ruling APC. For the SLPP, after 10 years in the political wilderness. The other smaller and newer parties are running with the audacity of hope which can explode with surprises in politics these days.

The National Grand Coalition (NGC) presidential candidate Kandeh Yumkella (photo), for example, is extremely positive he will be the next president of Sierra Leone.

The SLPP had their fiinal rally on Monday,the NGC had theirs on Tuesday and the APC is expected to have theirs today, Wednesday.

Here is a video clip of the final NGC rally yesterday: