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Sierra Leone: IMC to review media houses

5 February 2019 at 17:43 | 2182 views

PV Staff

The chairman of the Independent Media Commission(IMC), George Khoryama (photo) has said that the commission is putting modalities in place to review all IMC registered media houses and withdrawing those that have not been operational over the years and deleting them.

According the Independent Observer newspaper of Sierra Leone, Khoryama said the commission is also determined to institute administrative actions against media houses violating the IMC Act and the Media Code of Practice, including those without permanent addresses.

The commission will also take action against media houses that fail to deliver copies of their publication to the commission in time, as well as those that have failed to renew their licences up to 2019.

Newspaper proprietors that have failed to produce evidence of the academic qualifications of their editors will also face the commission.

Sierra Leone has been inundated in recent times by all sorts of people calling themselves journalists leading to highly problematic and unprofessional "journalism."

Khoryama is head of a team of highly experienced journalists, lawyers and other professionals at the Independent Media Commission.