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Sierra Leone: Food Sufficiency Drive Gains Momentum

By  | 17 December 2009 at 02:18 | 530 views

The food sufficiency drive in Sierra Leone is gaining momentum as plans are underway to establish the first factory for the production of milk, butter , corned beef and other groceries in the north of the country.

On December 9th, the Mayor of Freetown Herbert George Williams, staff of the Freetown City Council, councillors, a representative from the UN country office travelled to Rogbana Village Port Loko District to acquire land from the community for the establishment of the factory.

The land tenure system in Sierra Leone is composed of four types: free hold, individual, communal and state owned land. In the interior of the country since it is the communal and individual land tenure systems that operate, it becomes difficult to acquire large portions of land since individuals do not own them.

The community on the other hand cannot sell land but can lease it. This has to be done through the village elders or in some cases through traditional rulers. It was apparently to go through such process that the Freetown City Council led a team of Iranian investors including the Iranian ambassador to Sierra Leone Dr. Nasrullah Maliki, who are to establish the factory for the production of milk, butter and other groceries. They went to negotiate for land at Rogbana Village.

Hundredes of acres of land has also been acquired for agricultural purposes at Madina in the kambia District. It will provide extension services including seedlings to farmers in the region.

According to the Public Relations Officer at the Freetown City Council Issa Bangura, plans are also underway for the production of biofuel in Sierra Leone.

“It will help cushion Sierra Leone’s extensive dependency on imported oil”, he said.