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Sierra Leone: Experts to commence feasibility studies on medical centre

12 August 2019 at 20:45 | 1812 views


Sierra Leone’s Ambassador to the United States , His Excellency Sidique Abou-Bakarr Wai recently organised a team of experts to commence feasibility study of First Lady’s Medical Centre in Sierra Leone.

When complete, the Medical Centre will be one of the most advanced Teaching Hospitals in Africa . It will cater primarily for the Manor River Union ( Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone) , and will be affiliated to international teaching Hospitals.

The feasibility team was led by Prof. Tunga Demisrarslan , and Mrs Mine Anlar. They met with the First Lady and her team to discuss the project . They then met with H. E. President Julius Maada. In continuing with their fact finding mission , they met with the director of the Presidential initiative on Infrastructure Dr John Tambi, to have a clear picture on how to synergise the Medical Centre project with the plan of a new city by the government. The team was taken by the Dr Tommy Koroma (Medical Officer attached to the Office of the First Lady) and Mr Mohamed Cozie Kosia from First Lady’s team to visit existing government hospitals. It was a brief review of strengths and shortcomings of the system. They will come up with practical strategy on how the new Medical Centre will address these. The feasibility study will cover the Manor River Union.

President Bio made it clear that the Manor River is long overdue for a major upheaval of the medical state, this is a welcome project, and his government will provide it’s full support.

The scale of the project is huge, so the specialists, suggested it should be rolled out in stages, with the Women & Children centre recommended as the first stage. Small scale oncology centre will be added at the first phase, but will specialise in female based cancer treatment (Breast and cervical ). Other specialised areas will be added based on needs assessment.

With sustainability at the core of planning, The project will encompass the training of medical personnel, building the hospital and equipping it to international standards. Training of Medical practitioners from Sierra Leone will be top priority .

The Medical centre will be scalable both medically and socially. A referral system for incoming patients will be operational in the Manor River Union . The referral system will utilise existing hospitals, and where necessary, new referral centres will be built .

The report of the feasibility study will be presented at the United Nations by the First Lady on the 27th of September in the US. The event is being organised by H. E. Sidique Abou-Bakar Wai, The charismatic, community leader, activist, politician, diplomat, and public policy tzar. The Howard University Medical School is also supporting the project by making their students available for residency training as a precursor to a full scale implementation of the medical centre project. The incredible UN event will be co-chaired by the highly experienced Dr. Fouad Sheriff and Dr. Johnson, the Dean of Howard University Medical School.

The specialist team from Moneta Health have been involved in several projects in Turkey, and also in Tanzania and Zanzibar. Prof. Tunga Demirarslan is known internationally as the problem solver of medical establishments. His expertise is in managing, transforming and adopting hospital businesses into profitable and agile organisations. He will bring his vast experience in hospital construction, technical equipment and medical training to the First Lady’s Medical Centre.