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Sierra Leone: Bunny Mack to Release New Album

11 May 2006 at 17:21 | 1011 views

By Abu B. Shaw, Vanguard London Bureau Chief

London-based Bunny Mack is unquestionably the most experienced Sierra Leonean
musician today. No wonder he is currently putting his money where his mouth
is by putting finishing touches on his latest album.

Now he faces his toughest challenge yet - showing off his talent to upcoming
Sierra Leone musicians like Emmerson Bockarie of “Borbor Belleh” fame and
Davida Green alias Vida and old horses like Steady Bongo etc. But many of
his Sierra Leone and foreign fans believe this new album is Christmas come early.

In an exclusive interview recently, Bunny Mack, whose real name is Cecil B.
McCormack, told me that he will start recording his new album in June next
month. “I am just trying to tie some loose ends up first.” He however could
not disclose the name of the album to the Patriotic Vanguard.

Bunny Mack, who attended Buxton Boys School, Government Model Middle School
and Prince of Wales in the capital Freetown, explained how he became the
first and only Sierra Leone musical star to be on the British Musical charts.
He said it was dogged determination and hunger for success that made it to

“All this happened in 1980. I took copies of ‘Let Me Love You’ to the
Capital Radio station in London on a Friday, and the next day Saturday, it
started getting the necessary airplays. Other radio stations picked it up
and my album was on the airwaves again. RCA records then took it on license
and re-issued it on a grand scale,” Bunny Mack said.

The much travelled Bunny Mack told me about his last album ‘Hello World’
which he released in 1999. He said an extended play (EP) featuring the
original ‘Let Me Love You’ (My Sweetie) and the reggae track ‘I Really Love
You’ (If I’ve Hurt You I’m Sorry) was released in 2003. He added that this
album and all his recordings are still in circulation. The albums are on
sale from the offices of Robert Claire, the shipping agent.

Bunny Mack will definitely have no shortage of customers for his
albums. His performance during Sierra Leone’s 45th Independence
anniversary in London on Saturday April 29 was the tonic that mesmerised
many new fans who have never seen him before. As for the old fans, his
dramatic performance just brought back a flood of sweet memories.

Touching on his compatriot Emmerson Bockarie of ‘Borbor Belleh’ fame, who
also exhibited his artistic skills during the Independence anniversary in
Brixton, Bunny Mack confirmed that he met Emmerson for the first time that
festive night.

“I consider him a very nice and respectful young man. I hope
he will contact me for a chat in a more relaxed atmosphere. Emmerson is my
favourite young artist by far in Sierra Leone today,” he maintained.

Bunny Mack, the singer, songwriter and guitarist is director of the London
based Beemac Enterprises. His is married and has two daughters
and a son with ages ranging from thirty years to thirty-six years. He has five grandchildren.

Photos: Bunny Mack and Abu Shaw(top), Bunny Mack on stage(bottom).