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Sierra Leone at Fitur, Madrid

24 January 2020 at 01:32 | 1734 views

The Tourism sector, it seems is taking gigantic strides to accumulate incremental benefits for the New Direction deliverables, especially as government has labelled 2020 as ‘the year of New Direction Deliverables’.

In less than a month’s time after the country’s Tourism sector returned from the Matka Nordic Travel Fair, Helsinki, Finland, the relentless Hon Minister will today lead another tourism delegation to make the second impressive appearance in FITUR: International Tourism Trade Fair, Madrid.

The country’s tourism team will in the next five days market and promote Sierra Leone’s tourism potentials which objective has been positioned by erecting the third largest stand and space in the African section of the events.

The exhibition will occasion several meetings and business deals and the delegation will discuss core tips to be followed as principles and international best practices recommended by Philip Kotler, the guru in marketing.

The event is a Rift Valley Expedition which is placed as a leading Tour Operator in Spain. It enlisted Sierra Leone as one of the new lead travel destinations in Africa just last year.

The National Tourist Board in its mandate as the marketing and promotional arm of the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs see the need to make this impressive appearance in Fitur Spain Markets as an indication of proactive marketing and rebranding drive. It offers an opportunity to improving and creating more positive reviews in the generating regions.

This year’s Fitur attracted diverse trade and businesses worldwide. It will feature exhibition of goods and services of tourism and hospitality credence.

Sierra Leone is therefore poised to reach, connect, network and position and to strategically place itself as a new player on the list of new destinations to visit, endorsed by Rift Expeditions.

During the five days ahead, the team will strategically assess and interpret Key Performance Indicators (KPI) based on the previous and current events attended.

Sierra Leone’s attendance this year is to also continue the rebranding path as this is the second coming of the team. “The team will diagnose the impact created from our first entry and also measure the Spanish Markets; how best the orientation of the destination is improving, and as well note the readiness of the hubs,” says Dr. Memunatu Pratt (photo), Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs.

She says the visit will also enable the team calculate the essence of the country’s participation last year. “Our Green, White and Blue flag has been lifted up among other countries of the world.” “This year’s stand happens to be the third largest stand and space in the African section, and the colours speak volume of elegance and zest that send message of vibrant cultures and hospitality, as the general promotional materials speak volume of readiness and proactiveness at all times.”

It could be recalled that the Tourism marketing team, recently concluded participation in the Matka trade fair in Finland Helsinki, where Sierra Leone created immense impact in the marketing and rebrand processes of the destination to Finnish markets and Nordic states in general.

Ministry of Tourism and National Tourist Board Communications Unit