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Sierra Leone appoints Trade Commissioner in London

19 May 2009 at 23:15 | 3577 views

Press Release

London, 18th May 2009

The Government of Sierra Leone has appointed Mr Robert Blick LL.B., M.A. - as the country’s Trade Commissioner in London as part of a major drive by the APC administration to increase foreign direct investment in the country as well as strengthen trade between Sierra Leone and the rest of the world.

Mr Blick, a British national who has had a long business association with Sierra Leone, is a businessman and a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales, specialising in international commercial matters.

Mr Blick said: “I am very pleased to serve Sierra Leone at this time of its development. Although we are in the midst of a global economic downturn, countries such as Sierra Leone that are rebuilding their economies provide better returns on investment for those willing to invest in these countries. There are so many areas that are crying out for investment and I will ensure that the country gets the right kind of investor to invest in the crucial areas of Sierra Leone’s economy.

“Although I’ll be based in London, my remit is wide-ranging. I’ll be able to tap into the non-traditional regions of the world for investment in Africa and this can only be good for Sierra Leone. I know for sure, through my knowledge of global trade and investment, that emerging economies are ready and better placed right now to do business with African countries.”


The Trade Commissioner’s Office will be a one-stop office that will attract investment to Sierra Leone, vet investors and facilitate trade between companies in Sierra Leone and abroad. The office will be located in Mayfair in central London.

Mr Robert Blick has been doing business with Sierra Leone since 1989 when he first went to the country to help restructure the Sierra Leone Ports Authority. Since then he has visited the country on numerous occasions and is well-known in political and business circles in Sierra Leone. He is also well-connected in the UK, which he says is still the hub for global business, trade and investment

Mr Blick successful ran Sierra National Airlines, achieving a healthy turnover.

Photo: Robert Blick.