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Sierra Leone: APC killings over the years

27 July 2020 at 22:02 | 1943 views


The All People’s Congress (APC), Sierra Leone’s main opposition party has been recently talking about human rights and civil liberties. Here is a reminder of what they had been doing while in office from 2007 to 2018:

1. Kono- 9 people killed.

2. Kabala-3 killed.

3. Bo city- 2 killed.

4. Bumbuna- 1 killed.

5. Mile 91 town-1 killed.

6. Guard street- 1 killed.

7. Wellington-3 killed.

8. Goderich village- 2 killed.

9. Kenema- 2 killed.

10. Central Freetown-1 killed.

11. Campbell street Freetown- 2 killed during the nomination of Samura Kamara.

12. Juba- 1 killed.

13- Journalist Ibrahim Samura was killed by APC operatives

14. Retired General S.O. Williams killed by APC.

15. Mr Mustapha, a former NRA worker killed by APC.

16. Nimiyama-1 killed.

17. Across the country, 17 okada riders killed by the police under the authority of APC.

18. One Sierra Leonean-American citizen was shot dead by the police under the APC.

19. Haja Fatmata, Wellington- One Mr. Aruna Conteh was killed under the authority of APC.

All the above people were directly or indirectly killed by APC politicians.

Photo: The late journalist Ibrahim Samura