Sam-Sumana will deliver

8 October 2007 at 08:28 | 774 views

By Sorie Jawara, Washington DC,USA.

Dear Editors:
I wish to extend my profound sincere thank you message to the editors of Patriotic Vanguard and Cocorico. You gentlemen have helped many people to reach home through your popular news outlets. I believe many of us should appreciate your efforts and be thankful to God for giving you the courage and strength to do this job for the love of our country and the people.

Government can only see itself through you good journalists. Any true government should see you and many others as watchmen for them because they can hardly see or hear about so many things happening in and out of the country. Please continue to help our new government and us. You are the mirror through which government can see clearly and we will be able to know about the activities of our government.

I will now turn to the brothers and sisters in the U.S.A. and Canada, I am sure many will agree that the long battle for one American former student to be in charge (like HON. Sam Sumana) has been achieved. We should be thankful to God for his kind consideration and thoughtfulness because with Hon. Sam Sumana sitting next to our president, there will be no jokes in the administration. Many brothers tried but because they were not near the grand director, they failed and were consumed by the evil waves of corruption, lethargy, embezzlement, mismanagement, waste of resources and grand hypocrisy. The results are what we see today, extreme poverty, bitter sufferings, undisciplined society, hooliganism, lawlessness and all kinds of degrading immoral behaviors. Surely, honorable Sam Sumana will help effect positive actions for a better Sierra Leone. We want a decent modern Sierra Leone

The honourable Sam Sumana will deliver if we make him understand, this is the time for an American former student to prove that a product from America can make a difference. We should make him believe and know he is not there by himself, let him relax and have the good feeling that many brothers and sisters are with him. A good administrator should feel confident to reach out to his people and ask for help. Sierra Leoneans are kind people when it comes to nationalism. I am sure people are willing to help Hon. Sam Sumana and his boss, our President (H.E.) Ernest Koroma if they reach out.

They must also understand that arrogant self-styled leaders cause their downfall and destroy hope and trust between them and the people they want to lead. Good luck to you vice president Sam Sumana.Remember we will asses your work and give you good grade or bad grade in the future, I am sure you want excellent marks so this is your chance.
Once more thank you Editors.