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Sam Sumana tipped as APC Running Mate

By  | 2 July 2007 at 19:33 | 833 views

Following the recent announcement of Foreign Minister Momodu Koroma as Vice President Berewa’s running mate in the impending elections next month, a very reliable source in the APC inner circle has intimated the Vanguard that Kono business man and farmer Sam Sumana is likely to to be APC presidential candidate Ernest Koroma’s running mate.

Momodu Koroma(photo) who has a northern background but was born and raised in the south is expected to deliver the north to the SLPP but this is doubtful considering the fact that he is not very well known and politically accepted in the north. He has however been working hard on these weaknesses over the last couple of months.

Sam Sumana, not very well known nationally, is expected to deliver Konoland and other parts of the east to the APC and this is not a far-fetched idea considering the strong APC presence in Kono and places like Kailahun close to the Liberian and Guinean borders.Kono,like the Western Area, is very densely populated and is a major source of diamonds, the country’s main export.

Sumana was Vice President of the Minnesota, USA, branch of the Kono Union(2000-2002).

The running mates of the other registered but smaller opposition parties (NDA and UNPP) are still a mystery.