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SALCAB on theft of billions

4 April 2019 at 08:42 | 1815 views

Sierra Leone Cable Limited

Press Release

Dated - 3rd April 2019.

Sierra Leone Cable Limited open heartedly welcomes the Special Technical Audit Report on SALCAB and the Telecom Sector. We have been at the center playing a pivotal role to ensure the audit process was seamless and clinical.

However, none of these findings are new to the current management of Sierra Leone Cable Limited. We have already deployed interventions to ensure processes and system gaps are mitigated across the board - which repositioned the business from SLE 3.8 billion loss to a profitable trajectory, reduced overall business operating expense by 38% and increased revenue by 32%, reduced the price of wholesale data by 48%, with a 0.00% incident of fraud or revenue leakage. Deployed additional redundancy exchange in Paris and Accra to mitigate the existing risk of a single international subsea cable running between Freetown to Spain. SALCAB also activated physical fiber point of presence in 28 cities (from Freetown to Guinea and Liberia borders respectively) and townships that are providing access for operators to transport large amount of data cheaper, and faster.

The new management had the foresight to commission an independent forensic audit in August 2018, to have a clear understanding of operational gaps relating to people, processes and systems. This was done prior to the recently concluded Government’s own Special Technical Audit Report.

We have clearly outlined programmatic interventions that are currently being deployed to ensure that we operate a resilient network, increase connectivity penetration and deliver +1 customer experience.

The damages caused by the previous administration of SALCAB did cost not only the state a considerable revenue loss but also created a severe brand crisis and reputational damage to the business. We are not only doing business in Sierra Leone. Our partners (ACE), clients and related parties are concerned about the current situation.

We are a 100% state-owned enterprise, but we have more obligation to doing business right and be a responsible partner.

While we commence the journey to rehabilitate the brand, restore the confidence of our partners and sustain our “doing right business policy,” we will also support the relevant authorities to carry out their legitimate functions.