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Run-off election:SLPP walks out of NEC headquarters

2 April 2018 at 03:16 | 4225 views

By Our Correspondent

There was a very tense atmosphere at the National Electoral Commission headquarters in Freetown Sunday afternoon when representatives of the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) announced that they will rather walk out of the recording of votes received from tallying centres across the country than be a party to what they described as a "ploy" by the ruling party to win the election through unfair means.

The SLPP faced the ruling All Peoples Congress in the run-off on Saturday March 31.

The incident occurred when NEC, half way through the process of recording of votes decided to use an Excel software instead of the software they had been using at the beginning of the process.

In the video clip below, one of the NEC commissioners, Miatta French, is seen trying to justify the use of the new software but the SLPP representaives, very highly suspicious, will have none of it and decided to walk out.

We have not been able to ascertain whether the SLPP had returned to continue with the process or why NEC decided to introduce new software in the middle of the most volatile of elections in Sierra Leone..

Here is the video clip: