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Research Project on African Immgrants in Vancouver, Canada

12 March 2008 at 05:57 | 922 views


Research Project

Since coming to the Greater Vancouver Region are you now experiencing or have you:

- had problems finding suitable accommodation for you or your family for any reason?

-had to live in overcrowded and/or sub-standard housing?

- been homeless or stayed in a shelter?

- experienced difficulties finding affordable accommodation?

If you immigrated from a sub-Saharan African country in the last ten years, you are invited to participate in a research project that will address your housing experiences since you came to Vancouver. The purpose of the research is to identify gaps in service provision and promote positive policy and other changes that will better address African immigrants’ housing needs. This cannot occur without community input.

The interview will be conducted in English (an interpreter will be provided if necessary) and will last approximately 1.5 - 2 hours. Your participation is voluntary and your identity will not be revealed in any final documents that may result from this research. You will receive up to $30.00 to cover transportation or other costs. You will also receive a copy of the report, thesis or any other documents which result from the research in print or electronic copy, if you wish.

How will the research be used?

1) the research will be compiled in a federal government (HRSDC) report.

2) the research will form the basis of funding proposals and/or other projects (to be determined by the research participants), for example, for an African Community Centre or a Credit Fund to help African immigrants pay the deposit on a rental apartment. This is part of a long-term commitment on the part of the researcher (Jenny Francis).

3) the research will form the basis of the researcher’s MA thesis in Geography at UBC; the research could also be disseminated in newspaper articles or in other media (to be determined by the research participants).

The project is funded by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).

For more information, please contact Jenny Francis by phone at 604 675 9307 or email

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