From the Editor’s Keyboard

Rape incident: More information needed

18 March 2009 at 19:48 | 688 views

By Isatu Gbla, PV Senior Correspondent, Freetown, Sierra Leone.

Some of you may be wondering about the rape incident that took place on Monday morning at the Sierra Leone People Party office at Wallace Johnson street in Freetown.

That was during a clash between the the two main political parties, the All People Congress Party and the Sierra Leone Peoples Party which all started last Friday after the commissioning of the Eastern Police Clock Tower by Vice President Samuel Sam Sumana.

As far I am concerned, it would it would not be possible for someone to be raped in broad daylight when the police were present at the said party office and the there were a lot of people there at that point in time.

One thing I know is that the riot started in the morning hours. At what time were these women raped because people were running for their lives and how can someone have pleasure when the police were throwing teargas for the situation to be put under control.

I am a woman but I am personally confused by this rape issue or incident. Something does not sound right because the so-called incident took place in the morning hours and it was in the presence of the police and onlookers who were standing around to see what was going on. My question is how can this rape happen. Can someone please tell us where the rape took place because the Sierra Leone Peoples Party office was closed and secured by the police at that time (morning hours).

The Inspector General of Police, Brima Acha Kamara has also said to some people who told him that some women were raped at the Sierra Leone Peoples Party office on Monday during the riot of the two political parties that he was not aware of the issue, which means the SLPP leadership or supporters never complained to him about it, perhaps for lack of evidence or witnesses.

I am not saying no rape(a very serious crime) ever took place; I am saying give us the facts, give us the medical reports,witnesses, etc. There is a lot of tension out there but every educated person should think critically and objectively. Let us think with our brains, not with our hearts. That is all I am saying. Thank you.