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Random Thoughts

By  | 29 May 2016 at 01:38 | 2110 views

It has been a very hectic couple of weeks for us here at the Patriotic Vanguard as we work on several projects at the same time, always focusing on the implementation of our five-year (2015-2020) business plan.

However here are my random thoughts on some issues affecting the country that we all love, Sierra Leone.

Water, water, everywhere
There is a lot of water everywhere in Sierra Leone: Streams, rivers, lakes, the deep blue sea and underground. In some parts of the country you only need to dig a few feet and up comes the water.

So people anywhere in Sierra Leone should not be complaining about lack of water to drink. It’s like living near a river and washing your hands with spittle. Yes, government has the obligation to provide clean drinking water for the people and other amenities but sometimes the people too can dig wells and find ways to capture rain water when the rains arrive each year. Simple.

I always find it annoying to see teenagers from Western countries barely out of high school going to Africa to help Africans dig wells or even try to teach them how to farm. This is outrageous. Africans know how to dig wells and how to farm! All they need are tools, equipment and better seeds and seedlings.There are so many things going wrong in Africa.

Sierra Leone-Liberia Highway
Bravo to President Koroma and the EU for finally getting this project off the ground. I remember hearing about this construction of this road as a young adult in Sierra Leone over three decades ago. Work on it was negatively affected in the past by the incompetence of previous governments and the civil war. It looks like the EU has full confidence in President Koroma and his government to be ready and willing to invest so much in this road which will make trade between Sierra Leone and Liberia much easier and more profitable.

SLPP Violence
Sierra Leone’s main opposition party, the Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) is in a mess. They are always heaping insults on each other and fighting each other. What’s wrong with them? They have to stop this nonsense.

Sierra Leone needs a vibrant opposition (but not a violent one) to point out the loopholes in governance as is done in most democracies.

Can the SLPP deliver on that? I doubt it. I have not seen that happen since 2007 when the ruling APC returned to power.