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Profile: Dr. Prince Harding

4 June 2018 at 03:32 | 3549 views


A brief profile of presidential nominee for Chairman of NATCOM Dr. Prince Harding

Dr. Prince Alex Harding is a product of Bo School and King’s College London, London University where he obtained the terminal degree of Ph.D in Chemistry with bias in Petroleum.

He has served as lecturer/Tutor at his alma mater in London and Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone,and worked as Executive Chemist at National Petroleum in Sierra Leone.

He has served as Minister in various Ministries namely Mines and Mineral Resources, Internal Affairs and National Security, and Transport and Communications.

At the communications ministry, he transformed the industry from Public to Private ownership and from Monopoly to Competition.. During his tenure, he created the regulatory body, National Telecommunications Commission, NATCOM.
Before the inception of NATCOM, Dr. Harding successfully completed the following courses:

- Telecommunications Regulatory Master class,from interconnect communications Limited, Bath,United Kingdom.

-Privatization 21st century challenges: Utilities, Regulation and Private Finance of infrastructure. A senior- Level training programme offered by Adam Smith Institute,London.

- Certificate of Attendance where he fully participated in the five-day commonwealth seminar on the world Radio conference in spectrum Management, held in London, United kingdom.

- In addition, he attended a series of high-profile international conferences across the globe sponsored by International Telecommunications Union,ITU. Before the birth of NATCOM, Dr.Harding successfully regulated the telecoms industry for several years with resounding success on affordability, choice and efficiency.

Dr.Harding has served as Member of National Defence Council and Chairman of the then National Power Authority.

On the political Front, he has served the SLPP as National Secretary-General, where he led a team to win two Presidential/Parliamentary elections (1996 and 2002) and the local elections (2004) when 16 local councils out of 19 were controlled by the SLPP.

He has also acted as Deputy National Chairman and leader and is the current National Chairman and leader of the SLPP under whose Leadership the SLPP has taken the reins of power with Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio emerging as President of Sierra Leone.

As it is clearly evident, Dr. Prince Alex Harding is politically and professionally equipped to carry forward the Agenda of the New Direction.