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Profile: Dr. Patrick Muana, New Direction political strategist

20 August 2018 at 19:37 | 3796 views

By Paul Duwai-Sowa (PDS), Toronto, Canada

President Bio’s decision to appoint one of the architects of his New Direction agenda Dr. Patrick K. Muana (pictured) commonly known as PK as his Policy Advisor and State House Strategic Communications Director is a welcoming news for the SLPP and at the same time drawing fire from opponents. PK is known to be savvy and strategic in the media world. For President Bio, the appointment of Dr. Patrick Muana seems obvious. They have known each other for almost 40 years, and started out as classmates at the Bo School.

The communications director job at State House is an important and grueling one as the person in charge is responsible for managing and articulating the President’s daily relationship with the public, and by extension international development partners. Director of Strategic Communications at State House is one of the most senior roles in President Bio’s State House. Dr. Patrick K. Muana will be reporting directly to the President. He will be responsible for selling the government’s New Direction agenda to the public.

Dr. Patrick K. Muana is a very capable political strategist and an effective communicator. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), Rhetoric and Literature, British and Commonwealth Literature; Oral Culture and Literature from the University of Sheffield, United Kingdom, and until his appointment to State House was Professor of English at Lone Star College and before that at Texas A&M University. PK Muana is also an alumnus of Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. In recent years, politics has proved to be a greater passion for him than academia.

Most Sierra Leoneans know Dr. Patrick K. Muana’s name probably because of his large social media presence during the trying candidature days of Julius Maada Bio. Like most campaign strategists, the irrepressible, but unflappable PK Muana stayed with candidate Julius Maada Bio and operated from a far-near distance during Bio’s leadership race at party and national levels. PK dug deep in the trenches of the SLPP Diaspora leadership and effectively engaged the original Paopa brigade, the loyal soldiers of Brigadier Bio, asking them to continue to believe and trust in their candidate. He was attacked by some factions within the SLPP and other political rivals including the premature National Grand Coalition (NGC) and the infamous All Peoples Congress, but he remained unhinged. Although adroit at political debates and a good listener, PK was lampooned by compatriots on LeoneNet, a Sierra Leonean Diaspora online scholars’ forum as virulent in his attack on Bio bashers. PK is friendly, but known for his straight shooting approach in conversations.

When the so-called SLPP Flagbearer Aspirants Alliance sprung up, PK Muana was emboldened by a Bio grassroots support that he was not fazed by the mediocrity of those aspirants who were on the verge of breaking ranks with the SLPP. PK questioned the sincerity of this cabal and effectively sanitized their hidden agenda. At the time some SLPP supporters were jittery about PK’s comments against the breakaway bunch, a moment that brought tearful panic to Bio die-hards, over the direction of Julius Maada Bio’s presidential bid. Shortly following the exit of former high school colleague, Dr. Kandeh K. Yumkella (KKY) from the SLPP flagbearer race, PK made a series of media comments that conveyed shock to his political rivals, but he was calculated in his conviction and empathy for a Bio cause. Dr. Muana believed that candidate Bio, an ex-military General who sacrificed his life for his country possessed the discipline and fortitude to save our crumbling nation. Today we have a President Julius Maada Bio and PK feels vindicated with gladiatorial pride that his friend, classmate and political ally won the 2018 Presidential elections. SLPP Texas echoed PK’s vindication to a hero’s welcome with traditional pageantry.

The bookish Sheffield -educated Muana describes himself as "a humble citizen interested in building a future for the children of Sierra Leone.” PK is also known for his enthusiasm to celebrate successes and one of the reasons he actively supports underprivileged children in Sierra Leone who excel in school despite their challenges.

*PK’s pastime includes Karate (5th Dan Black Belt) and Muay Thai, something he says “informs my test of strategy in life, but also ironically helps me get along with my adversaries.” Dr. Patrick Muana also has a strong interest in USL professional matches and the development of sports in Sierra Leone. He is a highly rated soccer referee who has refereed high level matches including development academy games, NPSL, PDL, UWS, WPSL, State soccer Finals etc., professional games and other high level matches. As an active athlete and sportsman, he will also be responsible in his new role for the Presidential initiative for sports development. In the sports hat that PK wears, he is an NCAA elite college soccer referee and until his appointment the Vice President for Referee Development in HSSOA of Texas.*

We are fortunate to have someone with Dr. Muana’s skills and experience on-board the New Direction agenda to chart a path for Sierra Leone to rise again. The SLPP Diaspora is confident that President Bio and Sierra Leone will benefit from PK’s informed advice and his calm approach.