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Prince Thorpe Platform: Road map to rebuild the future

12 August 2017 at 15:48 | 1602 views

Prince Thorpe Platform
Road Map to Rebuild the Future
The guiding Principles for Freetown recovery

Simplicity, Sustainability and Prosperity.


Stop the Bleeding - No new Grand Spending Plans.

We make do ...with what we have... today.

Evaluate - 30 / 90. First 30 days in office as Mayor: ’Talk to Business’.

- Meet with the 100 largest employers in Freetown and ask: what can we do to make your company more profitable and your business more efficient.?

- What can we do to help you grow your business?

The next 90 days is to resolve and reply to their business concerns and complaints.

If the complaint is with the city we will resolve this dispute that is in the best interest of both parties with an agreed deadline. If the concern is business in general, we will partner with groups who have similar concerns and we’ll come up with a plan of attack.

Sitting still in business is not an option. Business either grows, stagnates, stalls, absorbed or it disappears. We want business in Freetown to grow domestically, nationally and internationally. Freetown is their home and we will created an environment where they will feel welcomed. This Mayor is business friendly. We’ll talk the same language - efficiency, productivity and profitability.

Evaluation - City council bureaucracy and red tape is part of our problem.

We will model City Council after ISO 9000, short of certification. Calls will be answered promptly; all transactions are documented and traceable; and opaque deals eliminated. I want City council to operate like a business. All complaints and requests will be documented with a transaction number which is modelled after Hilton and Four Seasons Hotels and Lufthansa Airline (all are world class operations). When completed, the customer will be asked to evaluate their transaction with the city. Customer evaluation is then documented and accumulated. Purpose of the evaluation is to help management improve customer service. City Hall line workers deserve recognition as honest, hardworking folks.

Sustainability includes looking after Freetown’s rich or poor, young and old.
We invite the world to set up business in Freetown but we look up and away from the homeless and needy. We pretend that we have a world class city while seniors suffer in silence, children attend school without proper nutrition and homeless with nowhere to turn.

This Mayor will increase funding to ensure children go to school with proper nutrition. This Mayor will advocate increase funding for the homeless. Whatever it takes. Employers choose to set up shop and live where the infrastructure is efficient, clean and safe. Period. The basics. Not the arts, not downtown amenities but efficiency, cleanliness and security.

Sustainability means education.
Three out of five Freetowtonians did not graduate from high school. This Mayor wants Freetown to have 100% graduation in high school or trade school. I want all our kids to graduate with a useable education including English, Mathematics and Science. I want our kids to speak not only bi-lingual English and French but tri lingual English, Spanish and Chinese.

Zero tolerance for drugs in Public or High School.
Education is a National matter you say? We are part of the Nation! I do not want to wait for others to act. I want Freetown to be the Leader in Education for others to emulate.

Sustainability means training, apprenticeship.
Dedicate 150 million Leones/year to train our students and young adults in partnership with business and industry. The best experience is practical experience. City to subsidize 75% of the first quarter, 50% of the 2nd quarter and 25% of the 3rd quarter. If the apprentice sees that this is the appropriate field and employer finds the apprentice fits their company, employer to pay full wages by the 4th quarter. This generates over 1000 to 1500 positions immediately. Young adults get job experience, a foot in the door they would not otherwise have; employers get productivity, a chance to check out potential employee. If both sides match, employment! Freetown builds up a pool of workers with practical experience that business values.

Sustainability means inclusive.
Freetown has a vast pool of new immigrants with skill sets with contacts around the world that are not being utilized. Take advantage of their skills and contacts. We must integrate so the work force in City council reflect the new reality.

Prosperity is not a given. We must earn the privilege of being prosperous. Just because Freetown says to the world we are business friendly does not mean anything to foreign corporations.

There are hundreds of cities knocking on the doors of Intel, Siemens, ABB or Merck. Asking for prosperity money is like buying a lottery ticket - false hope. All municipalities are asking for spare money. We have to pull ourselves up with our own boot straps.

Home grown Patentable technology.
We have some of the best researchers and the brightest minds in West Africa. Let’s utilize their intellect in Medicine, Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Advance Material and Science to develop, patent their ideas and bring their concept to fruition in Freetown. City of Freetown will share the start-up risk in return for locating and developing business in Freetown.

City of Freetown will partner with local investors through Freetown’s Investment Houses to form a start-up fund. The aim is to invest only in concepts that are patentable. There is no monopoly anywhere in the world on intellectual prowess. Freetown has a high concentration of intellectual power that allows us above average probability as any university, city or country in fostering patentable ideas. Competition for intellectual ideas is fierce.

Not every idea will bring commercial success. But if evaluated and invested wisely the probability of success over time will be on our side. When Freetown develops a reputation as a city of intellectuals and research excellence, foreign and domestic companies will seek us out. The spin-off effect from just a few success stories will be enormous.

Audit Committee - chaired by the most qualified councillor and one new member to sign off on annual summary. This will cultivate and transfer knowledge to the next generation. Spread the learning.

Cut the Mayor’s wage in half if Freetown’s rate of unemployment is higher than the National average, anytime during the calendar year. Rate of unemployment is the only metric visible to all and difficult to manipulate locally.

City Council
LEDC - by the end of the 18th month, this committee will supply Cost / Benefit analysis. How much money in, benefit derived to Freetown. If result is negative, LEDC will be pulled into the Mayor’s office for direct oversight.

Education of City Council employees - after 2 years full time staff position, all employees are encouraged to pursue higher education. City will subsidize 25% of their correspondence or in person tuition. Course subjects reviewed for approval. All manager and assistant manager levels will be encouraged to pursue post grad either correspondence or in person. Correspondence school can be within North America or overseas where our employees can build relationships with business leaders and line managers from around the globe. Those managers and assistant managers will be our best ambassadors to publicize Freetown’s ambition for excellence. City will subsidize 25% of 1st half of their education. 50% of their 2nd half education. This will reduce the number of outside consultant studies. Our staff will develop the confidence to take on whole projects because they will be making their own case studies for others to emulate.

City managers, engineers and HR to help implement ISO 9000. If staff does not possess the skill set necessary to implement this program, city will send the required employees to courses to get the education. No more outside studies at the preliminary stages of anything. Studies will be done in-house. Consultants are hired for the final proof read and their stamp of assurance for insurance purposes. All heavy research will be done in-house.

Road Repairs - along major arteries. Repairs to be 24/7.

Long Term
Trains across centre of Freetown must be addressed! A plan must be in place by the end of the 2nd year. We cannot have a 21st century city without a train . Otherwise, talking around the pink elephant without addressing the core problem means we are fooling only ourselves.

If we don’t tackle the tough issues now, when?
Prince Thorpe

Candidate for Mayor of Freetown city Council

Prince Thorpe for Mayor 2018
Expect more. Demand better.