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Press Release-Cape Aloe Ferox Worldwide

18 March 2006 at 04:55 | 639 views

Press Release:

Celebrating Sierra Leone’s 45th Anniversary
with Cape Aloe Ferox Worldwide, Inc., April 27, 2006, at the Zanzibar, Washington, DC

Cape Aloe Ferox Worldwide, Inc. (CAFWI), a manufacturing distributor in South Africa of products for body, mind and spirit headquartered in Jamaica, New York has accepted the request to sponsor the 45th anniversary celebration with a difference The fete aims to promote Sierra Leonean nurtured business and culture, two principal aims of the CAFWI organization which has just offered the South African Boxing Association 300,000 rand to promote youth with an annual tournament for which seven winners receive the Cape Aloe Ferox Belt. CAFWI’s President is a Sierra Leonean who hails from Leicester Village just above Mt. Aureol, the site of Fourah Bay College.

Dynamic, suave visionary Arthur Smith is a man on a mission wearing several hats. He is a devout Christian and lay preacher crediting his success to Providence. He is husband and father devoted to family. And he is President and CEO at Cape Aloe Ferox Worldwide, Inc (CAFWI). Now, he wants to take his firm, Cape Aloe Ferox Worldwide, Inc. to another level-from pre-launch where it has been since 2000 to full launch this year, 2006.
Here in the US and Canada, the Cape Aloe Ferox company has seemed to be a closely guarded secret known only to a few. President Smith wants to change that. The Cape Aloe Ferox plant grows in abundance in the Albertinia region of South Africa and in KwaZulu Natal Province. The Cape Aloe Ferox Worldwide, Inc. products are manufactured in South Africa and used by South Africans. The United States is the test market in the pre-launch phase of the business.

And now, as the first salvo in the take-off of the Cape Aloe Ferox Worldwide program it is among Sierra Leoneans in Washington, DC that Arthur Smith has decided to announce his full launch and he is doing it at the VIP Lounge at Zanzibar on the Waterfront from 5:30 p.m. to midnight on Sierra Leone’s 45th independence anniversary day, April 27. The program at which this mini-launch will take place, titled “Home and Away from Home,” includes poetry readings by five West African poets; a presentation on Cape Aloe Ferox Worldwide, Inc. and a scene from a play by Jonathan Peters. The program will be a fund-raising event to send Sierra Leone players of Peters’s drama-parable, “Acres and Acres of Diamonds,” to Aswan Egypt for the first millennium gathering of black world people in First World Conference from July 21 to 23, 2006. The conference takes its theme, “Re-educating the African in the 21st Century: Through Balance, Peace and Justice (Ma’at)” from the UN’s naming the first decade of the 21st century for re-educating people of African descent globally.

Following the 45th anniversary celebration, Cape Aloe Ferox Worldwide, Inc. will conduct training on Friday and Saturday for those distributors who have signed up during the month of April and even earlier, culminating in a Super Sunday meeting of new recruits and their invitees on April 30, 2006.