From the Editor’s Keyboard

Presidential Guard, great idea

By  | 14 January 2015 at 05:16 | 1292 views

I would like to commend the government of Sierra Leone for the recent creation of a Presidential Guard to take care of all security matters around the President.

Security in any country is or should be a priority because nothing can happen without security for the government and for the people.

Ebola is a security issue, that’s why most of the country’s resources are dedicated to eliminating it in our midst. President Ernest Koroma understands this, that’s why he is always at the forefront displaying leadership by example.

He should therefore be solidly protected; everything revolves around him at this time and all efforts should be made to make sure he does what is right for the country and fulfill the pledges he made when he took the oath of office.

Sierra Leoneans had suffered too much in the past mainly due to the fact that some of their leaders paid little or no attention to national security or even to their own personal security.

I remember when I was in Accra, capital of Ghana, several years ago. Former American president Bill Clinton suddenly visited the country. The whole of Accra was shut down as American security agents in their dark glasses took over the city.

The same thing happened when President Obama visited Senegal not too long ago. Dakar, the capital, became a nightmare for Dakarois. Just like that, at one fell swoop, as Shakespeare would put it, if he were alive today. The nightmare lasted until Obama left.

Never joke with security matters.