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President Koroma takes over Kailahun

8 May 2012 at 07:33 | 91 views

By Sylvia Blyden, Freetown.

I was personally invited by President Koroma to independently cover his last weekend (May 4th to May 6th 2012) trip to Kailahun. I could not make it at the start of the trip (i.e: Segbwema) due to some unforeseen circumstances but I met up with the President and his entourage the next day inside Kailahun town (Luawa Chiefdom).

I met them on the Town Field which was jam packed with human beings from various sections of Luaw...a Chiefdom. This video is of the traditional Bondo Masquerades (Devils) which came out to welcome the President from all areas of Luawa Chiefdom. I counted 21 Bondo Devils. Some say there was much more. I took this video of some of them as they lined up to prepare to dance for the President.

When they started to sing, the Bondo women were singing songs of praises for the Free Health Care for Lactating Mothers and Pregnant Women and their under-five kids as well as other songs of praises for Koroma’s leadership style which has seen him take a huge amount of development projects and initiative to a district which gave him the largest number of ZERO votes in 2007 elections. The women say they owe Koroma a debt and will ensure they pay him back at the 2012 ballot box this November their ’outstanding deficit’ which they say comes about because he has done so much for which they did little in 2007.