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President Koroma’s popularity stronger than ever

By  | 8 April 2015 at 21:13 | 1700 views

A very good test for a leader’s popularity is when a national issue rears its head and in Sierra Leone such an issue is the recent sacking of former Vice President Samuel Sam Sumana.

That issue, which started as internal party affair, has now blossomed into a national affair as Sam Sumana has taken his former party and the government to the Supreme Court to decide on the matter.

Meanwhile the leadership of the opposition SLPP has adopted the case as its own baby,suckling it day and night and has ignored calls for calm by the Supreme Court itself and some of its own members. Some SLPP members have even paid a courtesy call on President Koroma to express support for the sacking of the former Vice President.

But what seems extremely funny to me is the fact that the former Vice President recently wrote a letter to the ruling party to appeal against his expulsion, something he should have done first before going to the Supreme Court.The man seems to be extremely confused.

Meanwhile support for President Koroma in recent weeks seems to have attained gigantic proportions with accolades and a massive show of support coming from all corners of the country and abroad. The majority of Sierra Leoneans have stood solidly behind him from our assessment of the mood in the country.

The people of Sierra Leone seem to have realized that it’s better to wait for the judgement of the Supreme Court, rather than listening to a chaotic bunch of opposition elements who have been doing nothing but tearing themselves apart in the last couple of years.

Our people are not fools, even though most of them have never been to any school whatsoever.

As the founder of the APC, the ruling party in Sierra Leone, the late Dr. Siaka Probyn Stevens was always fond of saying, using our lingua franca, the Krio language: Na sense mek buk, norto buk mek sense which freely translated means wisdom comes from the human spirit, from within, not from textbooks.