President Ernest Koroma and the SLPP media

8 September 2008 at 20:29 | 894 views

By Abdul Kamara, (Chief)-USA.

I must commend the APC leadership of President Dr. Koroma for a job well done in its twelve month period of leadership in our nation. It is unequivocally and unambiguously clear that Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma had made history by signing the Anti-Corruption Bill 2008, which was followed by the declaration of his assets.

The former SLPP ministers and supporters in the Kabbah administration were perplexed and disoriented when they heard about the recent colossal moves of President Koroma.

These moves sent shock waves and created paranoia in the minds of the SLPP useless bozos. How did I know that? Believe me, it’s a quite easy guess. The sentiment of hope which reflects the dynamics of good leadership also reflects the crystal ball of the Rising Sun which alerted me on the day of the signing ceremony.

There are virulent worms eating the fabric of the entire SLPP camp.Some of the SLPP media are biased, repugnant, despicable and repulsive when conveying the coverage of the Koroma administration’s political activities. Rather than applauding and commending president Ernest Bai Koroma for being the first head of state to declare his assets, instead these media went on the rampage to smear him by using this formula: Pathological lies + Diabolic lies + Fabricated lies = Dangerous lies.

Fabrications, deceit and deception over the real stories, just to distract the attention of good citizens from enjoying a great moment in the history of Sierra Leone, will not be condoned.

Certainly, this is not the first time SLPP media have embarked on this kind of witch hunt reporting against Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, the APC stalwarts, government, and the party at large. Some months ago, the APC made a political and historic milestone during the local election when it walloped and smacked the SLPP down to zero in their own bastion of Kono.

A couple of weeks after the victory, the SLPP media took advantage of the cocaine saga to draw away people’s minds from the Kono victory and directed them to the cocaine fiasco. You need to stop! The people of Sierra Leone know exactly that the SLPP is a party full of lies, and that their propaganda machine is failing.

On many occasions, the SLPP media got away with it; but unfortunately for them, it will not get a free ride this time. I would rather die than keep silent and not expose all the diabolic lies of the SLPP media about a man who is working very hard to put his country and people first, and working assiduously to rejuvenate the socio-economic life of his impoverished nation.

Before exposing the SLPP and to ridicule some of the blatant lies on the APC and its political leaders, I will use this opportunity to highlight the primary reasons why Dr. Koroma signed the Anti-Corruption Bill 2008 and declared his assets.

First and foremost, when the Anti- Corruption Commission was established by the SLPP government, with the aim of combating corruption that has plagued our country for decades, it made the commission a toothless dog that could bark but was not capable of biting. Consequently, the commission was held hostage, became dysfunctional and impaired, whilst Tejan Kabbah and his cabinet were busily engaged in womanizing and rummaging through the coffers of our nation.

Conversely, when Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma took office in less than one year, he gave the commission its milk teeth by appointing a no-nonsense commissioner called Abdul Tejan Cole; next he gave the commission its thirty two permanent teeth by signing the Anti-Corruption Bill 2008. The significance of the permanent teeth is two fold: The commission now has prosecutorial powers, which means it has the power to prosecute anybody.

Secondly, under this Milestone Bill, whistle blowers are now protected, thereby allaying the fears of citizens from reporting and giving evidence against any perpetrator.

Let me reiterate the deceitfulness of the SLPP media. They constantly use their depots of lies to disseminate false news about Dr. Ernest B. Koroma, and the APC party. Let’s look into these scenarios:

(1) The SLPP media mentioned that the rebel war started under the watch of the APC, which is true, but if I may ask who started the rebel war? Where did it start? The truth is it was started by SLPP stalwarts from the south eastern part of the country.

Just recently the SLPP media reported that under the SLPP government, freedom of speech and freedom of association prevailed, which was a fabrication to the highest degree. Julius Spencer, the former minister of Information and Broadcasting and Amnesty International can testify that more journalists were persecuted and jailed under the Kabbah SLPP government than any other government in the history of Sierra Leone.

The resignation of the president’s former secretary Mr. Sanpha Koroma, was a clear indication that the proposed salary increase for the president and vice president was his making and not his boss, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma. Nonetheless, the SLPP media tried to make news out of no news on the issue. The truth is President Koroma was not aware, and the people of Sierra Leone trust him no matter what the opposition writes.

The SLPP media asserted that during a recent visit by senior members of the SLPP at State House, government supporters greeted them with urine. This statement was preposterous, outrageous and unbelievable. No sober minded and civilized individual can propagate such a bogus and outrageous rumour.

I was not present at the scene; however, I have a conviction that with the probable exception of Sullay Daramy, no current worker at State House in Freetown can do such a demeaning act. The Koroma administration believes in Freedom of Speech for every movable object, respects the rule of law, and truly believes in transparent democracy for all its citizenry regardless of political affiliation, and above all it encourages objective criticism from both political and non political associations.

(3) The SLPP media affirmed that our country’s debt was wiped out under the SLPP regime. Is that a shaggy dog story, or another kind of cock and bull story from the opposition? If I may ask, how many billions of leones debts did the SLPP government leave behind?

For argument’s sake, let’s assume most of the projects around the country like the construction of roads were initiated by the SLPP. Then I may be obliged to graciously ask these pertinent questions: Who is funding these projects? Second, are these projects getting funding from any revenue generated by the SLPP government? Or is the funding coming from one of those loans with interest that will take us another hundred years to repay with high interest? Also, I may want to ask a trivial question to all university professors who have had the opportunity to grade a Dissertation/Thesis paper.

How do you grade an incomplete paper? Do you give a student credit for incomplete work or just give him/her a big F? Good Job Tejan Kabbah and bravo SLPP for helping Sierra Leone wipe out her debts. Thank you SLPP and Mr. Kabbah for starting all these projects. However, JUDGEMENT DAY IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER. SLPP THIEVING MINISTERS AND POLITICIANS WILL HAVE TO ANSWER ABOUT THE MONEY THEY ALLEDGE THAT THEY SPENT TO DEVELOP SIERRA LEONE.

It grieves my spirit when people don’t learn to appreciate the good work of their compatriots. For the twenty seven years APC ruled Sierra Leone, the people of Sierra Leone can be a living testament to confirm the accomplishments of APC during those years. It was the APC who made Sierra Leone and Freetown in particular to look like a modern city with buildings like Youyi building, Bank of Sierra Leone, The National Stadium, Military Headquarters, City hall, Commercial Bank, and other modern artifacts. For more than eleven years in power, what did Tejan Kabbah and the SLPP government accomplish?

Corruption+ embezzlement =Battered Economy, Poor People and Sorry Nation (C+E=BEPPASN). Undoubtedly, it is true that no excuses should be given for having planes taking off and landing at Lungi with drugs, similarly, there should be no excuses for a country’s diplomatic luggage to be full of drugs. What a coincidence, the same day the luggage full of drugs was intercepted at Gatwick in London, Pa Kabbah was in the vicinity of Gatwick airport.

As the idiomatic expression says what is sauce for the goose can be sauce for the gander. If the APC is a cocaine government and its executive are considered to be trafficking it according to the SLPP media, then it is also true that Pa Kabbah and the SLPP government started the trafficking since 2003. BRAVO PA KABBAH.

For far too long the SLPP media and their SLPP supporters have been on an unholy crusade to smear the good image of the APC and its honourable leader. I want to challenge them and their cronies to start talking about issues, and not mundane things that are not productive for the people of Sierra Leone.

The APC will love the idea of debating on real issues, and not on matters that will send the country backwards. If the SLPP media think they will continue to preoccupy the minds of Sierra Leoneans with witch hunt reporting, let them wait and see what happens in 2012. The people will speak again. Bear in mind Sierra Leoneans are no longer sleeping, but are very alert and aware.

LONTHA. I rest my case.

* Abdul Bero Kamara(photo) is the Secretary General of APC-North America.