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PPRC: Abdulai Timbo Resigns

By  | 18 August 2006 at 20:52 | 1085 views

The Chairman of the Political Parties Registration Commission(PPRC), Dr. Abdulai Timbo has resigned his position citing health reasons.

According to a State House release dated 17th August, Timbo sent his resignation letter to president Kabbah August 15th from London, England, where he is receiving medical treatment.

"Government expresses its appreciation to Honourable Justice Alhaji Dr. A. B. Timbo for the excellent services he rendered during his short tenure and wishes him speedy recovery.", the release stated.

Meanwhile, a member of the Commission, Mr. Roland Ade Caeser, has been appointed acting chairman of the commission with effect from August 17th.

The former PPRC chairmn, Dr. Abdulai Timbo, was for a long time a High Court judge in the Sierra Leone judiciary. In the 70s and 80s he ventured into politics and engaged in tough political battles (for a parliamentary seat) in the Sanda chiefdom, northern Sierra Leone, with political heavyweight Thaimu Bangura.The violence unleashed by the clashes is one of the most brutal in Sierra Leone’s political history.Timbo lost twice.He was later appointed Chief Justice of Sierra Leone by the SLPP government and recently Chairman of the PPRC.

A reliable source at the PPRC says Timbo, a quiet, soft-spoken man with a high sense of decency, is not very happy with the recent PPRC decision that states that Vice President Solomon Berewa has the right to be both Vice President and party leader and thus eligible to contest the 2007 presidential election. The PMDC had filed the petition against Berewa.Timbo, away in London, did not participate in or sign the said decision.It was signed by the present chairman Roland Caeser, Christiana Thorpe and others.

Acting chairman Roland Caeser was one of the longest serving law officers in Sierra Leone. He was Master and Registrar in the Law Officers Department for many years.

Photo:Dr. Abdulai Timbo is second from left.First Left is Vice President Berewa.