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Post-Ebola recovery and the private sector

By  | 19 August 2015 at 09:57 | 1815 views

It has been announced in Freetown that the post-Ebola recovery project will be managed by State House Chief of Staff Saidu Conton Sesay.

What this means is that Presdent Koroma will be kept abreast with whatever decisions and actions taken since the Chief of Staff works directly with him.

Sesay has proven his mettle, competence and integrity since he was in charge of NACSA, a national reconstruction entity that worked with the international community and handled huge donor funds to rebuild the country after the devastation of the civil war.

He came out of that huge responsibility unblemished. Hence his appointment as Chief of Staff and now head of the post-Ebola recovery efforts.

In one of his statements, President Koroma recently said the private sector is going to be given priority in the recovery program.

This is good news for all Sierra Leoneans because we believe no country can make much progress without the full participation of the private sector. Government’s role is principally to create the enabling environment for citizens and foreign investors to do business in the country and create jobs which in turn will lead to more people paying taxes to government which in turn will enable government to undertake development projects like providing safe drinking water, electricity, a good healthcare system, a good educational system and so on.

Good luck to Mr. Saidu Conton Sesay and his team.