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Politics makes Sierra Leonean Media Evil

By  | 7 April 2010 at 01:21 | 567 views

Politics and political intrigues have found their way into the already fragile media of Sierra Leone.

One incident that has caused innocent people to be smeared with the politics oil is that of a woman who died as a result of an operation carried out by a quack medial practitioner. It happened like this; A Woman had gone to a local nurse to remove fibroid which the nurse could have simply told her that it was the work of a doctor. But she took the risk and did it the hard way and the woman eventually died. The matter was reported to the police. There was an attempt by the families of both the victim and the culprit to settle the matter out of the police station which is traditional in Sierra Leone. It happened that the nurse hailed from Kono the home of Vice President Sam Sumana and Isata Jabbie wife of former President kabbah and the victim was a Madingo, the tribe of former president Alhaji Ahmad Tejan Kabbah. Nobody new that these backgrounds could complicate a case and further deepened the cracks within Sierra Leone’s politicized media. But it has complicated a rather simple issue.

While the families of the culprit and the deceased were attempting to settle the matter, politics became engulfed in the whole issue and not surprisingly the politicized press became embroiled in the political intrigues that were going on behind the scenes in which one faction was trying to undo the other. Apparently Alhaji Timbo who had just being appointed as Fullah tribal head man was accused by The Independent Observer of attempting to persuade the family of the deceased to withdraw the matter from the police station. It happened that the culprit was related to Fullahs which made the crime worse according to Sierra Leone media judgment.

A relative of the old man said he was in “sympathy” with some journalists because of their inability to reason logically. He was apparently referring to the statement in The Independent Observer which stated that they got their information from unconfirmed sources. “If the information is from an unconfirmed source, why did the writer went to the extent of making a conclusion out of that unfounded premise by insinuating that how could a former chief justice prevent justice to be done? If you get the information from an unconfirmed source it means it is not, true,it is baseless. You need not make a conclusion out of that unconfirmed source”, says Ahmed Bah a college student who read the editionin which Dr. Timbo was smeared by the mudslinging going on in the media.

However upon investigation it was discovered that the two political parties in the country had infiltrated the matter and had employed journalists to do the dirty work for them and some of them are doing it innocently without being aware that politics is at play in the whole game. This portends an ill omen for the country. Sierra Leone is moving into a dangerous situation which may explode one day . Who do we blame? The politicians or the blank journalists?