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Political capital of the Hinga Norman family

By  | 27 October 2015 at 08:03 | 1925 views

The announcement that the son of the late pro-government civil militia leader Samuel Hinga Norman has declared for the ruling APC party should not be dismissed with a brain-dead wave of the hand by die hard SLPP (main opposition party) leaders and supporters. Doing so will be be a demonstration of extremely pitiful political naivety.

I however know some experienced political tacticians in the SLPP (not the hoipolloi or Banya fakis) would have been shaking in their country clothes when Junior Hinga Norman openly and publicly declared for the APC in Makeni last Friday October 24, 2015.

For some of us Sierra Leonean who went through the crucible of fire during our country’s season of anomy, it means the contemporary history of our country has come full circle. Things have fallen apart, the falcon can no longer hear the falconer.

The late Samuel Hinga Norman was a war hero to the majority of Sierra Leoneans, even to his bitterest enemies. A war hero that was unfortunately betrayed by puppets fully under the command and control of Western and regional interests ready to destroy anything or anybody they considered obstacles in their search for earthly ephemeral glory.

Anyway, before his death, the late Hinga Norman had over 70, 000 men and women under arms. That scared a lot of people at the time including the democratically elected government and the rebels. He had both political and military power. He still has, even though he is no longer with us.

President Koroma knew and respected that and went and embraced the warlord before he died. Like all intelligent politicians. The astute political engineer Honourable Vice President Victor Foh played a significant role in bringing the two political giants together.

That is why people should sit up and listen when Hinga Norman’s son speaks up. I would rather not say too much on this topic for now.

Ketamia (see you later) as our brothers and sisters in the south and east of Sierra Leone would say.