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PMDC Spokesman Slams Statement

3 June 2006 at 08:27 | 364 views

A Freetown newspaper recently quoted some PMDC members as saying they don’t want a convention to elect national officials of Sierra Leone’s newest political party.The reason for their position, they assert, is because there is a power struggle currently going on in the party. They also allege that some SLPP moles have infiltrated the PMDC to cause confusion and chaos and to find ways to stop Charles Margai from becoming leader of the party.
This has prompted the following press statement from Karamoh Kabba(photo) the communications director of PMDC (North America).

Following, is a formal response to an article published in the Concord Times’ June 1, 2006 edition, entitled; "PMDC Supporters Say No to Party Convention," from the Rapid Response Team (RRT), of the Director of Communications and Media, People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC-USA):

In a democracy, people have the right to their opinions, even wishful ones, and PMDC has no place for intolerance of such opinionated views-let them be free to freely speak out their minds. "Free to be free" as Ngor Mandela would say is the greatest value a democratic leadership can uphold.

However, such contrary views that have been induced by apprehension because of past undemocratic processes like the SLPP "Conbention", do not represent the democratic principles of the PMDC, one of which is a free and fair national convention.

Although we share the people’s sentiment, we can only assure them that their voices will be heard, and that there will be no "conbention" kind of politics in PMDC’s democratic process. Upholding democracy must supersede any apprehension the people may have; in fact, it is the one and only antidote to such anxieties.

Karamoh Kabba
Director of Comm. & Media